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Apply see website for full details and important safety information. Do you think it would be allowed to do that as like a Boston. Guy Or like some other like some funny guy. I don't I'm not GONNA do it. No but if you had a funny voice to go with it I won't do it but do you think that would be allowed Kevin. There's no harm in trying. I just I'm not going to do. It would be allowed now remember. That's forums dot com slash. The boys for your first month free also there is harming trying we've We've been harmed many times if you want limbs you gotta fly me out So let's talk about guess. What one of the podcast might be? Okay and then we'll get all roads reactions to it. Yeah Rinse repeat so I guess. First off I'll be one of these women suitors. Okay my name is Rebecca Q.. Rebecca Rebecca Q.. Yes not to be Rebecca J last initial Q.. Yeah I named her Becker. Yeah Yeah because there's two Rebecca's this season. I'M PORNO BLOGGER FROM KANSAS CITY Maryland. Yeah that's exactly and my podcast is called the fantabulous. Tabula submits a patient of one Harley Quinn so such a specific podcast and it never deviates known That one movie. It's all me planning to hopefully see it and how you'll see it and yeah it's going. Hey this week guy wasn't able to make it obviously I know last week. I promised that I was going to I think next week I am going to see it in so tune into that episode. Yeah so and my purse. My Guy's name. Is Julia Hyphen Abigail. We'll job title is permanently unemployed and and And I I said what podcast I'm doing. Yes come up with a podcast that so that we can give a little sample if you want or whatever but Roy he's gotTa know like marry this woman and yeah have possibly children right any and just his passion and it's about your passion is passionate so specific that helps narrow down who I believe them to be often. They'll have an activity on the show. I know you're not a huge fan of the show. You're jealous and they will be like repelling into a ravine. Wow it's really sort of like how falling in love. Is You have to take a dive but you wanNA stay under control. You have to face your fear but also there's water at the bottom and so that's sort of how we're tying this end falling falling in love. which is how passionate about talking? Yes so I was. I interviewed Comedians. About how they got started. Yeah that kind of thing. It's I realize you were funny. Yeah it's called here to the crazy ones so we have those we maybe need to check that. That's not already out there. Yeah Come Emma Yours Yours as well. Rebecca right no that's basis. Do do your due diligence I would also like to maintain my marriage during the whole. That's all that's okay. Sometimes people have kids and stuff. Yeah Yeah and and I do and I'm just kind of like oh I don't want to lose them merely because I gained a new wife. Yeah it will make these women maybe work all the harder well knowing that I'm clearly are they a guy that's willing to go the distance. I'm not one of these. Let's get married and never go the Disney. Let's get married and let's go the distance. Would you be bringing your wife on some of the day I would like to. Yeah because she's GonNa wonder where I'm at and If if she has to sort of Co Mary it's just as much her choice as it is mine producers at that table for three any time you. It's twenty twenty. Do you WanNa bring any your buddies. You WanNa bring maybe your podcast co host. No I think just me and my wife and I sometimes my daughter her. Okay Yeah Yeah. That'd be great to kind of have her there for her to go see a live. Hollywood handbook tape. Yeah I mean that's pretty cool and she's going to be potentially picking a stepmother mother people yeah are do say like kids growing up in Los Angeles are growing up in the city like you. It's like you're like spoiled or jaded. It's not real and you don't get that good experience but how many kids who live in frigging you know Kansas City Maryland. Or whatever are going to alive. Hollywood handbook a handbook tape. Exactly there as young as your child. Yes exactly that's irreplaceable. That experience yeah well there are. There are adults who who come to. La Stand in the line to get to be in the crowd at the price is right and they go. I can't believe I got to do this in my lifetime man. It's like well there's equival enjoys you could have achieved before you're even in kindergarten In this town but your total honestly and I say this a lot people that don't live here it's because they're too afraid had to and you don't say it enough. Yeah I agree with you. Don't say it enough agree. Say it a lot you say maybe too much but you also say it enough this exactly and so the fact that we're saying it now is both good and bad. Yeah I just want your daughter obviously can't come into the fantasy suite and stuff because you are going to be like fucking talking limit. Three women to fuck whether it's Rebecca Q.. Yes yeah well because that also will define who I feel like I could be with forever ever I think. So that attraction that connection that passion that passion sexist part of a romantic relations after a podcast cast. Where you kind of get to know someone Yeah you didn't go well now. Let's connect physically. Yes we've now connected emotionally mentally and yeah all those and Mandarin Merrin did. Did that started that you basically say. Hey I've seen what that mouth can do to a microphone. Yeah talking to you talking to this. Yeah and then what. What is this when you say that What are you? I'm cupping my hand. Okay.

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Rebecca Rebecca Q, Rebecca Q, Guy Guy Dykes discussed on Hollywood Handbook

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