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Every week download our show and not take us on the go listen to us through your to your but you know your headphones listen to us in your car wherever you want that china bedtime listening is purpose on the go and go to sleep with our soothing voice your soothing you've gotta you've got that year excited about today's show i'm excited i'm excited we got two rocks are real estate agents in the studio as well and we are also going to continue while waiting to continue our zillow conversation now we had we we talked about it for above two weeks ago two weeks ago show that and listen we we we launched the video i launched the video last saturday and at the time of this broadcast we have over twenty thousand views of our video we've got one hundred sixty shares of the content and we've got organic views of fifty two thousand organic me we didn't pay for it just are videos gone viral all around what's going on with zillow their instant offers and talking about and what that really it may mean for the real estate community and so what i invite you to do is go to facebook and search rick shearer branch manager loan officer or ali alavi lobbying browser esi that's our facebook business pages i'll go check out the video guys we talk about especially if you are a real estate agent you're in the real estate field you have an opinion on the matter we'd love to hear from you go over to facebook over our business pages you'll see the video there and guess what we're talking more about it we've.

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