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The defending champion ROY you've been taking a look at the markets and the weight since it's come out. It's going to be a welter burden for the little warrior tiger role to carry. I've no doubt he'll be able to do it. Whether he can win it again is another matter, but what is standing out to you as a potential play right now after the weights have been announced I hate to say says I hate to say because you've heard it before. But I I wasn't looking for a name. AM on a horse it at least nine and I want to have an ice racing. Where it something died in the fourteenth. Someone I knew was going to sneak in. They smack in the face mile Dini. Yes. I could see it. And I I saw on. I'd give you know, a little rice mile, and I saw it'd be he'll be twisted my arm again. I have a few bulb each way on him. He's a little bit of a car eater is not from thirteen over fences in his career. Of course, we all knew the mittens kind of win the national didn't we? The trend has reversed the one hundred thirty years of new mid one of the national and suddenly it's the it's the way to go. Yeah. The fact that he's a maiden is is almost an irrelevance most notices Abbad record and the maize traditionally Mr. watt won one national nineteen fifty as a more since then Don very early but rule the world was was not Jural, nausea, archetypal Zo horse was a hell of a lot of class, but a little bit of of quirkiness with a concert of vitamin a Maldin is very much in the mould. I have to say. You don't you? Don't let him catch your eye but having involved in him for the for the team you're last year for a look like it was going to go to plan every art of the trick on this. He I've always a massive. I'd caution is. Blend run the inside held up. On a new chance of winning before the turn. You didn't want to go on the inside that gore not day. It's all but having having Luke is going to finish it by twelve or thirteen turning into the street. He's Ron on really well to be six on. He was going on really really nicely at the finish. And he's deaf. We knew we'd while handing it's always been well handled visit with the agains liver. I knew we pulled our marriage national last year. It was it was reasonable to any still traveled for most the risks again like. As likely winners. Indiana, just couldn't handle the conditions in the end. He's a horseshoe who's got form and on heavy grind? But he's showing his is best for form on good good to soft and over the years winning the the pretenders. Of course, I'm not a quiet pump dab before being laid off the gentleman festival for the last two years. The interesting thing about on this year. I it looks to me that he's gonna miss Cheltenham. Does he he's a qualified for the national Humphry as he clearly wants four miles. These days new engine the National Hunt. Chase Sam is Nasser sickener. Yeah. I know. But of course, you can think about it again there. Unlike unlike last year, the Kim year is not an option this year. Kim Europe is office, Mark. He's one four eight isn't. He he is is too high. Unless unless park things he can on the field in the next ten days and get the halycon pines. He's a vet amount of me, then not side of the equation the equation as well, there's a vague possibility of the ultimate, but ultimately is just another I three miles. I don't think I don't think is nothing task for him on a loose to me like like paths going to swerve Cheltenham altogether and goofy entry and if he doors the Sasha attractive with ten fours. It stands on national Tristan Davies is very keen Jerome Bristol demand that in the national as long as he comes out of the goal Cal in reasonable shape. And I thought as then melting will be getting in without tansel four, which is very inviting..

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