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These areas while these differences the leverage Hey devs a wallaby impacting the ride no but the rain is yeah we got some rain out there since coming down hard on the south side to looking at heels corners area etcetera make sure you have your headlights on by the way if your wipers on kind of weird on certain areas it's like nice and shiny and bright and then on another camera it is like pouring rain so be careful with that we do still have this problem eastbound ninety four at about twenty seven street the car that ended up on the median wall facing the wrong way to left lanes are blocked right now from the soon to downtown we do have about a twenty minute ride so give us an extra thirteen minutes on your normal ride westbound ninety four fifteen minutes to get from downtown to the zoo six for eight from the due to highway sixteen okay another sixteen so six minute delay there forty one south also down to thirteen minutes from when we were up like that seventeen minutes ago two minute delay so we've also got some delays long forty three southbound road Europa mark fourteen that ride as you continue over the high rise bridge downtown to Lincoln Avenue read about eight minutes to quick tap the brakes an extra minute or sold by passed by the way eastbound between the heel and the midsole interchange with all this rain coming down to have fun and keep it right that is a two minute delay the traffic and weather together on the tense WTMJ palette of you I. dot com the W. T. M. J. five day forecast a chance for showers will continue for the next couple of hours a little fifty six degrees a lot of rain west of.

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