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Mistreat and watch you just in the back of the car, actually, any way to selene happened later that day or the next day, I think. And that was probably the most anticipated show of the season. White is strongly opinionated. Review. Do you want to talk a little bit about how you interpreted that show and give it a little bit more insight into why you took the position that you took? Well, I, you know, I wasn't. I wasn't lambasting. I wasn't taking. I wasn't taking a strongly negative position because I couldn't. I can't believe what the done to say. Lean Phoebe had already quit when they hide Eddie. So it's not like she was replaced by Eddie. It's not like his. Everything she was was forcibly drummed out of town. My my feeling more was that I just expected some much more. But you know, it's it's really interesting when fashion is a very, very odd these. And when we were talking to Karl Lagerfeld the other day, and he said, you just can't leave for two years and expect to come back and everything's just the same as it was. I mean, in the two years that Eddie has not been involved in the industry Gucci happened and that was that was an absolute. That was a watershed that was a, I mean, everything changed after that Balenciaga happened. I mean, damn was solu- happened fashioned, found new leaders and new a new opinion formers. And I think. Also in that time, the center all the label that Eddie made his own so brilliantly, you felt about what he actually did the whole strategy and the and the whole creation of that entity was incredible. I mean, he's a Mazda impresario just incredible and credible entrepreneurial individual..

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