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Taking a look at KSFO traffic. Tough conditions on westbound 80 in San Pablo after San Pablo Damn Road, two right lanes are still blocked all due to a multi vehicle wreck. One of vehicles has overturned. Most of that activities over to the right hand. Shoulder injuries have been reported the laser starting right around El Portal drive, and also caught up in that shutdown on the two white lines is the San Pablo Damn Road on ramp toe westbound 80. San Francisco on self down one on one before Cesar Chavez to separate crashes in the right lane. Injuries have been reported there as well. Still seeing delays from the 81 1 split eastbound on the Skyway. It's going to be a slow ride from one of one right out to the island. A ladder is between the two left lanes of Dublin interchange North found 6 80. Just after the interchange itself. Mill paid us the Landis I have a new off ramp from North downed 6 80 is closed. Due to an overturned vehicle and a crash in the left lane in San Jose. North bound 8 80 after the Alameda has got you on the brakes from basket with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas..

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