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French. Soil is like the most major shoe. Line everybody's loving it. Actually you know. I just was on a little bit of a rant about britney but i wonder if you guys did you guys hear what she spoke about today but now because i know you know her but one of the things she said was that her initial reaction to paris's documentary or story about what happened to her in boarding school was that she didn't know if she believed it and because she had that reaction she was worried. Nobody would believe her if she spoke out. What are you. What's your reaction to that. Should know we believe her. Yeah yeah freebritney sweet. Good girl right right You got a question for you. Kathy about sam. G wants to know if it's true that you and michael jackson had paris pact where you both agreed to name your daughter's paris and what was your favorite memory of your friendship with him. My favorite memory. You know that has gone on and on and yes we talked about a lot of different things My favorite memory would-be blinking planking. And when i had. When i was dating rick i used to have ricken. He i'd have michael cole up to see if rick was back from college and eagle. Hello hi is ricky there. And i'd have him call and ci would answer the phone at my father and mother in law's house and we'd play ding dong ditch you ring and rang people's houses at the waldorf yet at the waldorf michael jackson. Yes yeah we were little kids together. We were like little children. That's what we both love about each other. And that's what. He loves about paris when he was paris house the last time he has all her toys. tilton oh paris hilton and he was like she's so much like me. Yeah and then. He went into the closet all the sunglasses and the fabrics and everything and we just always had the best time in a lot of really fun stories and he. I got to watch him. Which was a favorite memory. Teach kyle had to do the moonwalk on our pool table. Is that true kathy. He did not teach it. Have the moonwalk. It was the robot. The robot different did teach me under the robot. Same she would get up and do love to love. You burn even know what it wasn't michael and you know you could just crack up at kyle. Because she was a little performer. Did by the way. So did you have that paris pact with michael or did you not go. But i'm really don't remember i. La toya remembers it. I kind of remember it too right as we always talk about things we were going to do right. It is ironic that you both named your kids pero. He did love paris and thought she was one of the most beautiful babies and as well as his children are and right crystal roseanne. Women the group where you most apprehensive about meeting beforehand based on what you had heard about them around town town or just. Yeah i would say erica and were. You pleasantly surprised after meeting her. Did your impression chayon jazz. You might think because. I had that impression she was nice to me. That was really okay. Crystal jamie p wants to know if ever talked to privately after you shaded her say you didn't know her yeah. I actually called her because she really had met her before right. I mean i watched the show when you're on the show it's like doesn't exist so i never met her before i ever before but i love jury her janis. She knows that. So nicky what are you doing about their. I really wanna know i mean nicky i have to say i mean you like keep your head down. You're a businesswoman. You have all these successful lionsault real going on now. Your mother goes on this show. She's running around with a box fan. She's putting your drop center. Is i mean i do wanna know. Argue watching the show. What's what are the tax which my new in paris about the show. Do you want me to admit something. I'd never admitted in my life besides to my husband. Yes when i found out i cried happy. But what about now. I've come around right. I share means and not the worst thing that could have ever happened in a way. But it's the best. Kyle and i are back together..

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