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Hard to believe if this steph continues to happen then caucuses will continue right. Yeah I remember learning about it as a kid being like I mean. I think that's mostly everyone's reaction just what yeah. Okay it's Kinda strange Yeah there's a lot of like early caucus voting that's happened in Nevada uh-huh and that's interesting to me. I wonder if the lot yeah really. High amounts early voting in Nevada. I wonder if there's anything to be said for the psychology of like not having the physical presence there and just having done by essentially paper voting. Because you know pointed. The pockets pointed the pockets. Point of the caucus are a point of this is every go is to persuade the people around you. I'm curious you know just. Psychologically this isn't quantifiable unfortunately but to see if that actually has some sort of a subconscious offensive operations in the cockpit. Yeah like if you are. If you don't feel like you're being shamed by people around you that new do it ahead of time. Yes or like. If it's yeah ten people you know yelling at you instead of like twenty. Which one is more persuasive? Yeah not yelling all right. I'm sure it's all Nice But yeah and then Just last kind of little tidbit that I think is interesting that I saw just in the whole debate. News trump came out and said that he thinks Came out is like a weird way to say it was one of his like yellow reporter comments not yellow copter. A different yell in a room But he said the DNC is things DNC is gonNA steal the nomination for Birdie. Basically is what he said. And I'm not sure what his angle is on saying that yeah well. I think it's to depress voter turnout onto discourage people from showing up young people angry. They're also a lot of people that are like Bernie or trump people which is so fucking there are there are there. Is that group of people. Yeah you don't think it's as I don't think it's huge but it does exist it does exist and I don't think it's huge either but whether it's people that are burning trump people or maybe people that are just burning people. I wonder if yeah part of his angle was. Let me say something. That's going to ring true with these supporters. Maybe they'll be more sympathetic to me if I say that. Yeah as opposed to voting for you. Know like a Bloomberg boost. Yes something burning doesn't get the nomination. Maybe trump is thinking these people remember that I said then and then they'll come and vote for me. Yeah even if they don't currently identifiers Bernie or trump people who knows and interesting. Yes all right. Well that's debate stuff and campaign stuff. We will be right back with some more hot notes. After this.

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