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Ebay as partnering with mall for africa dot com to let vendors in nigeria kenya ghana south africa and burundi sell products on the united states version of ebay mall for africa handles payments and listings and dhl partners for shipping mall for africa and ebay partner delay us vendors sell their products in africa in 2016 mall for africa also started the africa made product standards association to verify merchadise standards before listing microsoft announced age of empires four at games com in cologne relic entertainment is developing the game original developer ensemble studios was disbanded by microsoft no game footage or ship date was released finally estonia has joined to russia and china in considering creating its own cryptocurrency called asked coin estonia believes its eu residency program gives it an edge as it already has technology and legal frameworks in place as tony as managing director of the eu residency program casper korea's said as coin could be part of estonia's effort to quote ensure its state can function entirely independent of its own territory you can sign up for updates on the program at eu dash resident done gove w e slash s te coyne from our discussion of the tech news of the day be sure to subscribe to daily tech news show dot com daily tech headlines is only supported by you thanks for the support at patriotic dot com slash de t n s we'll talk to you next time.

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