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Have enough height okay. Needed a dome. And i live with this thing like putting on a plate. Hundred eleven on. It wasn't deep enough to accommodate in a certain spot after living and then it would get net for the outdoors outdoor picnic. You're preserving moisture. Let's yes it gets schwartz all over it and after about six years i. It's always i said. Don't they make ones that are higher than this. Where the handles don't don't push in come out like tabs and sure enough. They're all over the place and their dollar ninety nine and i was making a the tallboy soup bowl in there today and i put the thing over it just today and i thought the old one would have been teetering on top of it with the handle inside plastic handle inside the soup and i just thought this is so much better and it's something. I use every single day and multiple times a day and it was under three dollars. Walk around your life and figure that out and not by bentley through this we've endured six years of teetering dome and didn't realize you didn't have to do that. Well in my mind. I bought a microwave. Who were hawking right right. I needed a better microwave with hover an pox to those who designed this one. What they really need is something shy of a time machine that can take the burnt popcorn odor. Out of your micro 'cause at a certain point. That's you've got to chuck the whole unit. You gotta you gotta you gotta wash tomato juice. You have to draw of tomato juice family got hit by skunks and just bury at noon it. It's like a skunk made of cat p. Yeah the most smell you can down put together into a thing. Yeah the smallest we ever came up with which is on hobo power which is a unit of stink measurement. Everyone's headphones just went out dawson. We still according. Yeah we are too. Something sounds weird headphones. I the i decided. A fifty and hobo power was a cat that was fed nothing but blue cheese. I three weeks defecating on a white hot hibachi. Oh yes plume yes loom. That came off of that was was a fifty. That was my jumping off point for that was the middle point on my hobo. My units of stink. My friends rescued a cat. And somehow it pest into their stove top and that was the end of the stove. Yeah that was the end of the stove. you're done. Yeah when when the microwave when you forget about the microwave bag that explodes in there and burns all the kernels. That smell can only be removed by taking One of my golden nugget deuces low boy cap and letting it let let nature take its course max. Von sydow has to come to your house and clean your mike all right We got some phone calls and things you tell you what inventions i go right here with our tickies. My skiing with my daughter earlier this year And my daughter. Twelve years old says they should invent a ski glove with a pocket inside the palm to put the hand warming pattern Yeah and i'm on the mound going. Where rich and never followed it up right but odd this. If if no one gets to that by the time i taught on down to the patent yeah story also jock straps with a pocket front pocket for arctic ease pads. So you're never afraid so if you're twelve thirteen years old and you don't wanna get called to the blackboard. Right ryan said about nine forty five in the morning. You're you're good to go. Yeah a nice coal comcast on the junk you're going to blackboard with a clear conscience confidence and that's literally boehner easy boehner especially the advent of sweatpants. Aw the the impact of sweat pants on the amount of american boys were not properly doing math problems. Now is yeah jaw-dropping. There should be two things i don't i don't wanna crack. You would just take the arctic ease rap. And i would just wrap my dog straight. No tape to my lake so holster injure known everyone should do ever everybody. Every every parent impossibly grandparent listening to me garden. Should or guardian should Take a quick tasteful just photograph of them having intercourse with the parents with with each other with with a partner with partner with the mom or the dad or the grandmother whoever the parent guardian whoever that is and just give a little wallet size when the guy hits the seventh grade and just go look. I don't want you show this your friends. And i don't want you to dwell on it but if you do get called up to the chalkboard and you're going commando quick pan. You got the air jordan. Sweatpants on quick. Just a quick peek. This you know what i mean. Every day he'll take their. It'll go the other way it'll high in your astle doesn't and then you have a world and we have to have that conversation took comfortable but important seven but i remember like a adam sandler used to always just wear sweatpants like i. I don't i'm i was born. Forty eight years. you know. i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna walk around in sweat pants right unless i'm home and i would think like are you just have like mind control over. Your boehner does Does anybody. I will tell you the move at least in the genes. That works impossibly sweatpants as well. What work what. Part of what creates the spontaneous and unwanted. Boehner is it presses against it and sort of like the forementioned cat rubbing up against your skin. It's when you start pressing. It starts pressing harder. That's it's a sort of battle equal that goes on make one move. It's a quick move slide. It you gotta pull it and you got to tuck it up against your bali. Get going now. Don't let it hang out. Pass your belt because people think well. What if you pull your pants down any lower than your knees even either way you pull it up a doesn't have anything to press against. It's going the wrong way. The bloodiest drains that back back out of it. It'll it'll kill bone pretty quick one more thing on this on this line of questioning. I know you've got business to do. I was thinking it's sort of the same line about the photos of your parents. People who make their own sex videos is there. Nothing else on the really. You think lack of choice that is a level of narcissism. That is why not. Why not film yourself dumping if now there better even if you just want to watch people there are better people to watch the news. There are professionals now. I but i feel the same way with the guys who got a brew their own beer like the hit off. A sam adams. Their sierra nevada. Go oh damn somebody. Can somebody a blade. That i need to name brew right now. I can drink it. You go to fucking trader. Joe's there's two hundred varieties of beer all better than what you could. Yeah you don't have to wait for the ferment. Fermentation and i've had roommates. Where it's like you hear the explosion in the middle of the night because the five gallon bucket went off in the kitchen and took out part of the ceiling. And it's like for seven dollars you can get the best stuff on the planet. Do better you want beer. Like this is going to be great and six months jay. Leno joke about how you could make apple pie with rich crackers..

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