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Be ranked in this elite group of cardiology and heart surgery hospitals. For more information about the med star heart and vascular institute, visit med star health, dot org. This is WTO P news 7 23 Ukrainian forces are pushing a counter offensive in the country's east, exploiting gains they made in a week of fighting, which has changed the course of the conflict. Ukraine's quick action to reclaim Russia occupied areas in the northeastern kharkiv region forced Moscow to withdraw its troops to prevent them from being surrounded. They left behind significant numbers of weapons and munitions in a hasty retreat. The war is in its 200th day today. With the November midterms less than two months away, concerns are mounting over election security. So what can we expect and our officials ready for any drama that could unfold? We do expect some contested outcomes. Meredith Wilson, CEO of emergent risk international says it's expected in some states, particularly those battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia. She doesn't anticipate a repeat of 2020, it could be similar though, but more along the lines of post voting intimidation around some of polling centers vote counting, things like that because there's certainly some remaining frustration over the 2020 outcome. Wilson says polling centers are starting to beef up physical security and are teaching poll workers to handle intimidation. Las Anderson WTO news. And Illinois man is the latest to plead guilty to felony charges connected to the January 6th attack on the capitol. 44 year old Shane Jason Woods of auburn has pleaded guilty to assaulting resisting or impeding law enforcement officers and a related federal assault charge. He's accused of attacking a capitol police officer who later said she felt like she'd been hit by a truck. He faces up to 8 years behind bars when sentenced in January. Straight ahead, Tapping home equity can be a lower cost source of cash for home improvement projects or paying off high interest rate debt. This is a bank rate dot com, personal finance minute. It's 7 25. Money news at 25 and 55. There are three ways to tap into your home's equity, a home equity loan, home equity line of credit, or cash out refinance

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