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I think the the weird discrepancy here is going to be that yes according to second spectrum they had more one more isolation plays than they did in game one on monday they technically had more that they had the same amount of a cyst opportunities guys were just knocking him down guys were playing better i mean to say that they changed nothing i mean you had to rely on the strength of the team which is one thing that we did mention on monday was that chris paul and james harden just being the ice oh guys up top and having to try chris paul and james harden outscoring golden state on their own wasn't going to work and so you got careerhigh performances from pj tucker you got a great game from trevor rees you got the role players on this team stepping up in a way that didn't happen in game one and so when you get those kind of spread out even performance it's a lot like golden state where you recognize there's a fair amount of guys that can beat you although in actuality this really had to do a lot more what they were able to force golden state into on the other end because this was a highly turnover prone game for golden state this was a sloppy effort for them top to bottom that outside of kevin durant really had us asking a lot of questions about the other star players involved i mean anytime you get to look up an icy sportscenter tweeting out things like eric gordon stat line trumping steph curry and klay thompson put together you start to have issues then you start to be able to ask a fair amount of questions and some people are going to with steph curry will get to in just a little bit but for the houston rockets and we'll we'll give them their moment in the sun here because i still think this is the golden state theories but houston proved all right this is the team that won sixty plus games this season and it shouldn't be taken lightly and according to pj tucker came off a career night it started on the other end of the.

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