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Is the model fifty eight dollars puts it on your car valve stem mountain balance opthamologist say the other thing was h as in hotel seven twenty four seven twenty okay now in your car has to have a one eighty five seventy five fourteen in order for the transition to work right or not now the other question i had was the the headline the headline on a all well that caused the rule to leak now now it's just 'cause medics i gotta get another headline roof leaking is what caused the headline fall down not necessarily you know i we could could it could break up the glue it could it could have been a lot of times older cars the all day do it because of the heat in the glue starts right breaking on the foam turns to powder basic right because because of the heat and everything else sure i wanna know where ted got a nineteen ninetythree cutlass twenty four twenty five year old car for only seven hundred bucks and the only problems he's having with the tires i was very lucky very lucky sometimes you go what's called the barn find the the front end alignment can i this is my car require all four wheel alignment or just be the bronx if you buy all four tires at once they in most cases will align your car at no additional cost i think i think it's questions what was does he have just moments in the back of that vehicle i don't believe though ninety three i don't think there are just minutes no it's got the regular but it would be impossible without having the entire suspension steering system up in front of me i'm not sure if that vehicle has alignment points in the back of the vehicle however they should be checked because even though the may not be an adjustment point not knowing the history on this vehicle control on the.

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