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Because i'm sure they were conversations at at a minimum between he and brian cashman if not his agent and brian cashman and maybe even way to hire then cashman it did the yankees at any point think about offering him a short term extension tack a year on tactical year in an option on woods there in negotiation where girardi said well if i'm going to do this i think i've done a good job i would be looking for a raise he's already making four million a year which is third or fourth highest in all of baseball in the yankees were looking to pay less for their manager going forward we know none of these details i would love to know them to get a better feeling on why this transpired until i know them i think it's a mistake adding joe girardi should status yankee manager it's not gonna be interesting to see whether as you said cho does take a year off he does have poured carefree experience we could do that for year every wants to get back into the fray i think photograph with the most appealing top of quiz fairer irish played a perennial contender so uh what what are your thoughts on that here's the problem with the national and again i don't know gerardy well enough as a i nomaza manager and i think i know i'm a little bit is a guy but i don't know enough as a businessman does he need to make that same four to five million dollars that he was making each surely should field that he earned it and deserves it if that's the case then he's not going to get it in dc because the national just don't pay their managers they don't they they don't give their managers growing room either you are expected right off the bat to go to a.

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