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We're back now with Shannon, petty pieces role and now we're joined by Bloomberg Sahil Kapur and IRA John. Let's talk about one of the top voter issues. Immigration tile. Right. Well, this was the issue that President Trump wanted to contest this two thousand eighteen midterm election on it is his preferred issue he believes it's a very good one to fire up his base of supporters and he traveled to a number of states with competitive Senate races. And the final stretch and emphasize this, and we can see an Indiana his candidate appears to have defeated Joe Donnelly, the democratic incumbent that message of his seems to have worked there Tennessee, the Republican candidate, Marsha Blackburn, endorsed by the president. According to NBC news has one that open seat to replace. Bob corker the Florida Senate race and the Florida governor's race are very close. So we'll see how that turns out Texas is looking like a bit of a nail biter. Ted Cruz does not look safe right now. But we'll find out. I guess how this message work, but it ranks as the top three issues. So this might have been the issue that got the Republican base out. I mean, there was this concern that immigration would alienate more moderate voters. I don't know if that if we can tell you think like we can tell yet if that's happening. We can tell that that's happening in the suburbs in Virginia. Ten Barbara Comstock lost. That was a very educated upscale district, south Florida. The open the seat vacated by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen did was just one by a democrat. And what was seen as a very close race? With a strong Republican challenger Carlos Cabello has just pointed out in the previous block isn't some trouble. He was favored to win his race. So yes, it seems to be having that dual affect alienating. Hispanic voters and diverse and upscale districts as well as apparently mobilizing Republicans in his base. And as you said how the president really made an issue out of invasion. Here's a little bit of what he had to say in the closing days..

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