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Third second back back back back the paul just went and paul gauguin oh okay erg why this seems like it's fixed for me not to do well i think i took care of that for you pal don't worry about it i think you make loving and now mclovin goes mclovin go okay i don't think anyone's taking our favorite team yet how a little love for the small country of iceland iceland good odds on that very good odds like two hundred one fritzy your next costa rica costa now shocking the world's way we're doing vacation are they in group b as well usa all right i got the final pick here landon donovan i could either go columbia russia poland or may mexico mexico is in the same group as germany sweden and curb south korea yeah let me ask you guys a question i find myself i tweeted this the other day i find myself rooting for mexico and panama costa rica well it the us's not there so it's not sacrilegious i'm gonna people are like how can you root for them i don't know i'm gonna go russia i don't i mean it's just a homecourt advantage homecourt home home pitch advantage here they might get a friendly call i might tweets might get a tweet from the president all right landon donovan of course the greatest us soccer player of all time i got one single question for you and one single question alone that's it why is team usa not in the world cup aside from not qualifying why didn't they qualify.

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