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Four 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center Thank you so very much and the outlet of the beltway Here's one of my favorite things to be able to say The outer loop is closed but no delays behind it Oh let me explain The outlook of the beltway as you make your way across the Woodrow Wilson bridge the accident seen happened right as you make your way past the two 95 ramp Now they temporarily held a traffic altogether and the delays were there for a very brief moment Maybe 8 cars deep for just a second and then they were able to make their way by the accident scene along the right shoulder Looks like as of now that's exactly what they're letting all traffic do on your approach towards two 95 be ready to move over to the far right hand side of the roadway You actually get pushed a little bit onto that ramp to get past the accident scene so just again follow police direction a single far right shoulder is basically what's getting by right now not to worry though traffic is so incredibly light It's not really going to cause much trouble But again technically the outer lupus kind of closed Through lanes looking good as well so if you want to take the through lanes headed across the Woodrow Wilson bridge that might be the easiest way to get into Maryland right now I two 95 looking good D.C. two 95 looking good and no issues on the southeast Southwest freeway We are however still hearing about the incident in Maryland headed through fort Washington This is a long Brinkley road all lane still blocked near Glenn rock avenue this for the crash investigation branch avenue southbound had that accident seen along the left side of the roadway This was just after woodyard road This was also an overturned vehicle Remember there's a lot of icy roads out there Certain spots specifically ramps and bridges and any kind of elevated roadway Southbound I 95 still dealing with the overturned vehicle there as well So that's two already As you make a way down towards the fairfax county Parkway only a far right lane is currently getting by There's still working on that crash investigation along the left side of the roadway so do stay to the right Again no delays whatsoever It's all green all clear but what that tells me is you do approach the accident seen at speed so be very diligent as you make your way southbound state of the far right eastbound 66 a single left lane is all that gets you by the work crew between nutty street and the beltway One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is a traffic tip line I'm Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Thank you Carlos Jordan for a meteorologist Samara Theodore Clouds continue to increase today high temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s for your Sunday This evening many of us will stay quiet and.

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