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About Fabio. He's gotta win this year. So he'll probably have some influence in there. He might be going. Hey, you know, we need to make a trade for Matthew Stafford, or to Shawn Watson, because if they if they have another year Like they just had he's gone. If if you're going to stay the course, which you have just suggested, might be the most likely course for George Payton to take and then try to rebuild developed, you know, draft and developing Get more good players and so forth. And so on, then you have to Come have come to the conclusion. That With the same coaching staff. And arguably the same system. And the same quarterback. And pretty much the same offense of players. That you're not going to be 30 seconds in turnovers that that was just a blip on the screen of youthfulness. Next year. You're going to cut that number in half that you're gonna be middle of the pack in turnovers or a little bit better. You have to have come to that conclusion. And I The only way you come to that conclusion is to say same coaches. Same system, same quarterback. But drew lock they're going to coach him a little bit better. Andrew's going to be more mature and his decision making is going to improve dramatically. Just because it's another year in the league. You have to think that he's got a shot to take that next step. Like Josh Alan did After his rookie year. And also Factor in the injuries. We're not gonna have another year like we just had with injuries. And let's see what he can do. And if it doesn't work, George Peyton's got nothing to lose. Josh Allen improved from year one to your three What They changed offensive coordinators. They got Stefan digs. They added some pieces and it's a different system. Yeah. Mind. I'm saying you're.

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