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Brian combs a friend dusty road the same we have too much tax exempt property and have only county and it's a big number yeah he says it more than a quarter of all of the property in Hamilton County a total of about nineteen billion dollars worth is considered to be tax exempt either owned by a government entity the they're owned by a non profit or owned by the company war person who received tax exemption for the development that they put up in the the city Hampton county as story in the Enquirer today asking who's going to pay for the services that those tax exempt organizations receive the still have to get the fire and police service there and other county service is that are provided but they aren't paying the property taxes and necessary to support that you give me an idea of how much this is grown roads numbers show that about four billion dollars worth of property in nineteen ninety one was tax exempt and that number now in twenty twenty is gone the nineteen billion dollars Roach telling the Enquirer that when one group doesn't pay others have to he says there are a lot of people in town who are not paying their fair share of Cincinnati schools in the city of been locked in a dispute related to this or how much of the city allows developers to abate the the value of the property teachers union have put out a tweet today saying quote that the quote orgy of tax breaks for wealthy developers campaign donors and McMansion owners has shifted the burden of paying for services to working families putting a strain on the average people in Hammond coming up what percentage of these are are a bait and sewer ventrally it expires in you start paying your taxes eight and a half million is are a net billion out of that nineteen billion it would be like tax abated thing so it means among cases it might outlive right of the life of the company or something like that of the property you you're talking about twenty thirty years and some of these cases but yeah so eight and a half billion dollars in residential commercial property abatements are part of that total and then you have you know that a lot of it is the the stadiums and things like that but they're purposely like the the fifty Cincinnati's will be owned by the Port Authority so that they get out of paying property taxes on the side because the.

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