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Joining me from New York is Joe Berlinger. He's an Academy Award nominated an EMMY winning filmmaker in the last six months, he directed to Netflix movies about Ted Bundy conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes is a four part documentary that premiered in January last month, his feature film extremely wicked. Shockingly, evil and vile was released on the streaming service as well. And in select dealers across the country. Joe welcome to on point. Thank you, Kimberly. How are you doing? I'm doing great. If I can manage to talk correctly, we're going to push through. The title of the movie a bit of a ton twin one get no one gets. Thank you for that. So I wanna start off by asking why focus on Ted Bundy now forty years after he was convicted of these heinous crimes thirty years after he was executed. What is it about this case that keeps the public's fascination it will, I think Bundy defies all expectations of what we think serial killer should be. And therefore the lessons of Bundy can't be overstated, especially for a younger audience. You know, he was charming good looking charismatic. He alluded capture for so long because friends and acquaintances couldn't believe that he would be capable of these horrible crimes. He kind of, you know, pulled the wool over the American judicial system, which allowed him to kind of run roughshod over his legal proceedings. The American media kind of embraced him as, as almost as perverse folk hero in he manipulated and used the media. And I, I just think for a younger generation who does not really know the specifics of Bundy, the, the enduring lesson you know, just because somebody looks in access certain way they should not be trusted. I think is a very important message. In fact, before I embarked on these projects, I called my college age daughters up to, you know, who are in as most people know, bundy's prototypical, victim are college age young women, and so my daughters are in that in that group and I spoke to each of my daughters. Both very bright, young, women have very fine schools, which by the way, I did not help them get into those schools..

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