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Seven forty one of the morning you that means you're nineteen minutes away from winning thousand dollars from the a quarter million dollar hinder your math. Is topnotch your math thank you Quick I count on my. Finger style Dragged on my calendar, my phone we. Also have dirty work Wednesday coming up that'll. Be in about twenty nine minutes Wow or less no we're well I don't know but seven forty one yeah it's, twenty nine, minutes eight ten ten so, we're going to. Do my mind is really the emoji Am I, that surprise you to know that on, eight while we're on the show together all three of us get along very good have great report because we're friends but. In. Real. Life we can't stand each other high heat Ashley. Almost as much as actually shaggy and shaggy is often said on the air that he prays daily. For my downfall? Correct, okay so, get a kind. Of jump. On that. List, here is a list, of, best, friends. Onscreen who reportedly hate each other in real life is good Okay I know a lot of. All right we'll start with the obvious one and that is sex in the city co-stars Kim trial On the show I knew this year later Yeah They have a long simmering, feud which obviously we know about now because the social, media here's some other. Ones you may not have known three of the four main stars of desperate housewives got along, great but, supposedly they all couldn't stand. Teri Hatcher Teri Hatcher has actually talked about. This she was on a. Recent I think it was either tonight show with Jimmy, Fallon or she was on Conan and talked about that on Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel talking about it because he asked if there would ever be a remake and she brought up the. Whole I will I probably would be invited if you're ever wondering why Shannon Doherty left the show charmed it's because she couldn't get along with the Milano Yeah I know and there are some others if you watched, the show. Lost you might, remember Donald, Dominic money and, who played. Charlie on the show he was vocal about his dislike for his lost co star Matthew. FOX he even said Matthew quote beats women off Right yeah and had worked together every. Morning that's not nice if you love the good wife, here's, something you probably didn't know Giuliani Margulis and Archie pun job she's a woman Keisha Archie. Couldn't even be onset, together for the last three seasons every season that. They, had to. Film there to be separate. That's how bad that was on, the show glee Lee Michelle and nyah Rivera that they started off his. Enemies on the show and became best friends but in real, life they. Started off his, friends and, became an enemy And the last one I can't believe this salmon cat. Arianna Guerande and Jeanette. Mccurdy's friendship completely fell apart while they were starring in their former Nickelodeon show Sam and, cat and I don't know if they're still friends that this day so probably Nikola lineal. Do that to yourself but those. Are just some of the unscreened BFF's that absolutely hated each other in, real life eight lists but they faked it pretty good very there's a lot more on the list to I didn't. Read all of them you want.

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