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It would certainly make sense that somebody like steve bannon who has this connection to his base who is openly hostile to the republican establishment and who really can't be blamed if republicans lose november because not really on the scene anymore would be a guy that trump would reach out to and bring back into the fold says something from your introduction that i think is really caught the imagination of the american public at least those people the american public have heard about it is that you actually watched the golden globes with steve bannon said before we get to some of the provocative things that he had to say how did you get to watch with him while actually i was i was there the next day i recreate the scene of him watching the golden globes i had showed up early in the morning for a private breakfast to tell him you know look i'm i'm writing this paperback preface i'm essentially telling the story of how it was to relationship with trump fell apart in as bannon is wont to do he you know ranged in to what was on his mind what was on his mind was the golden globe awards which had pretty clearly been a pivotal moment in the culture because oprah and a lot of the actresses who had gone up and and kind of brought this mi2 movement to national attention on a platform that everybody was watching that night and bannon was utterly convinced that what this represented was the backlash against donald trump i saw you know what what do you mean what do you mean the backlash against donald trump white why is that a problem nobody in the white house seems to care and bannon uh essentially described this to me call it a.

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