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Franchise to another New York. Knicks appeared to have a game f fairly rush process betrayed Kristaps Porzingis, Chris Mannix and Sports Illustrated reporter yesterday that rival teams have made it quite clear that they were shocked that poisoning gets was available. And appears that few teams really able to reach out to the next before the unicorn has dealt with the Mavericks, so the Knicks liked Dallas deal and for better or worse took it immediately. Instead of checking around the lead to see if they could find something better New York will not have the ability to sign to max players this summer the candidate the Knicks make the right move in trading poisoning. I don't think it was. Bad move. If it was rushed, and they could have gotten some more. That sounds first off that sounds quintessential Knicks now I gotta figure out what's right outta here. Because you remember Brian earlier this week, it seemed that they were putting the onus on Kristaps Porzingis trying to make him look bad going out the door would they might have had the intention to do it. It just seems that this could be done on the other side to make the Knicks look bad. I think it probably was a bit of a rush move. Because it just sounds very Nick Sonian in that case. So probably yes, however could have been the best move. You have space. You have a teen. You're sitting Emmanuel moody. A you have a chance to really blew some games, look bad. You can get rid of David phys del that poor bastard, you could get rid of David phys Dale after this year bringing to max slot players, depending on how the pingpong balls fall for you. And I know it's you and four their teams to basically have the same chances now. So it makes it a little bit more tricky. But if you end up getting a number one number one overall pick yet to max lots and you're more than likely Zayn Williamson coming in who will sell tickets. You're sitting in the catbird seat. Now that all seems well and good, except it's still the Knicks and for as much as everybody says that New York's the mecca of basketball, nobody seems to want to go there, and they all want they'll go there to watch a game over at record park. But they don't wanna seem to go to the Knicks to play basketball for the Knicks ownership me gotta be careful. We know James Dolan gets a little sensitive about that ownership. For the Knicks. I've never seen a franchise struggle like this. I don't think we'll ever see a franchise struggle. Like this. That's born on third base. You're in the home of basketball in America. Were you.

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