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To all alongside Tom Kaine I'm Jonathan Farrow the news you. Need to know this our future's really, unchanged on the five hundred slightly negative down about four points call it three on ESPN pay NASDAQ futures going nowhere Dow futures negative just eighteen points while stocks in Europe and Asia a posting some. Very slight gains trade is engage. In fallout from the legal drama engulfing President Trump, will have much, more on those, developments coming up in. The program. First of all those shares of targeted are on track to. Open at historic high, after the company reported its best thousand thirty Eighteen years same, store sales rose six. Point five percent in the latest quarter more. Stellar earnings for this bull market on the trade front low. Level talks between the US and. China get underway through the next twenty four. Hours at the same time sources tell Bloomberg the US and Mexico have moved closer, towards a consensus on NAFTA and later tonight. Look for this two PM eastern the Federal Reserve issuing minutes from. The latest policy meeting that comes, ahead of remarks from chairman Jay Powell. At Jackson Hole this coming. Friday stories to look at. This morning then and now for some headlines around world let's say good morning. John good morning to you John and Tom President Trump's. Former lawyer Michael. Cohen pleaded guilty to legal campaign finance charges over hush body. Paid to a porn actors at a former playboy model all but naming. Trump is having ordered him to do it moments after the charges were read aloud. In a Manhattan, courtroom the president's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted the counts of tax and Bank fraud charges Collins attorney Lanny Davis told MSNBC Tuesday night his client does have knowledge. About what Mr. Trump knew about computer, hacking and, whether or, not Mr. Trump knew ahead. Of time about that crime and even, cheered on, in the possibility of a conspiracy to collude and corrupt American democracy in two thousand sixteen and that he would. Be, willing to tell Muller democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said in a statement the White House looks increasingly like a. Criminal enterprise a Wendy Schiller, is a political science. Professor Brown University she was on Bloomberg radio. This morning Adds to the impression that Trump runs, essentially a corrupt enterprise either in his private dealings or in his public killings now does it hurt. The president directly as, president much less clear to me. Because he wasn't president when these. Things happened global news twenty four hours a day on. Tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred. Journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm John Tucker this, is Bloomberg John, Tucker thank you Tom now for the Bloomberg NBC sports report is. Trump Pushpa good. Morning Jonathan the winds keep adding. Up for the Yankees but so do the injuries AL lasted the Marlins twelve to one in twelve innings and south Florida thanks to a sacked fly from Gill and do har- but aroldis Chapman left the game he came into close the twelfth through six, pitches walked someone only had a strike he left because of. Knee discomfort it's the same knee that's plagued, him with tendinitis throughout the year said skipper Aaron. Boone eight patriots and all were used by the Yankees. To get this win they did close Is the gap a bit though in the division they now trail Boston by eight is. A Red Sox. Surprisingly lost three, straight series. Continues tonight Lance. Lynn battles at Trevor Richards meant stop off the giants. At city, field. Six to three Michael Conforto had a home, run in this one offensively Jeff McNeil the rookie continues to impress as he went four for four. Score twice knocked in, an RBI Casey Kelly and Noah. Syndergaard meet tonight and giants wide. Receiver Victor Cruz calls it a career retires from the. League but he'll stay in the booth as a TV analyst. At your NBC Bloomberg sports update Jonathan thank you rob you've the sport you've, had the news, here's the price action futures in New York City.

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