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I don't wanna know is is right but yeah so i went to i went to college at michigan you know i worked at the football team my last two years there my only opportunities out of high school to play were smaller school football and when i got into michigan it was kind of my dream school so i decided to go that route and then when i was leaving college this was this was before the internet so there wasn't really a a place to go find out like how to become an nfl scouts so all i did was send resumes and cover letters out to all the nfl teams and at the time there weren't even scouting internships there were no scouting assistant positions if you were going to get your foot in the door and it was through the through the pr realm so i actually got a pr internship which is know it's all a lot of people got their foot in brian billick was a pr intern eric manzini was a pr intern trent kirshner who i just got done working within seattle is if the our intern so a lot of people had to go that route back then and what happened was so i got no responses from any team i was walking out walking out the door to college graduation in my phone rang and i went back inside and it was the green bay packers and they offered me a pr internship so you know just like any job you get your foot in the door you you you work hard and you'd kick it in and you hopefully get lucky and meet the right people and at that time in green bay on that staff you know john schneider was a pro pro personnel assistant reggie mckenzie was appropriate mel assistant they shared an office together john dorsey was on that staff scott mcclellan was on that staff so it really you know a lot of guys that went on to do some great things.

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