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Get seven eight percent per year, the build up your lifetime income base. Get that first year bonus of up to fifteen to twenty percent. Call eight eight eight seven five five eight hundred eighty seven get the appointment with Anthony Perry. Get all the details. Read all the fine print. The number again is eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eight eight seven now I mentioned the beginning of our program that if you'd stay with us throughout our show, we would pay you for your investment of time, and you have made it to the pay off. This is the lightning round. We're gonna throw out various investment strategies at Anthony. But if the investment, you're looking for is an investment. Fully safe, and insured. Then you only have two options only two options, folks, listen up. This is important, CDs insured and his backup insured by the FDIC insured by the Bank, and the superior is insured by very large and highly rated insurance company, and those are the only two options you have to safeguard and ensure your investment everything else out there. That you could buy we'll be market-driven investment risky stock a risky bond just as risky as a risky sock. Risky variable. Annuity risky mutual fund. Those are all markets written. And odds are you'll see those risky investments. Decline in a crisis. The only two things that are truly and fully safe and insured is the CD and the sixty nudity. Superior because that's earning you six seven eight percent, guaranteed earnings the build up your lifetime income base with a bonus on top of it. Maybe in one of the programs. And these fake news, very conventional safe. You can take your money at term close the account take money immediately in lifetime income marvelous lifetime income program safe conventional, the only two things that are truly and fully safe and insured, a CD recommended fixed annuity, and you can find out more about these great fixed annuities by calling this number now, getting the appointment with ethic. Bury the number is eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven triple eight seven five five eight eight eight seven and now onto the lightning round will start with bonds..

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