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East Suite. 900. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87110. This is the Richard Each show the voice of Santa Fe on Katie RC Santa Face News Talk leader got a pair of the hair on my shoulder baring its there and its folder like I Show you My Cars. Um no folder. Yes, I'm a soldier. Against everything squared. I'm not highly. It's a no one look good. Don't find me. All I need is a clip for us. One key, and then I'm ready because I but six minutes until four o'clock, Rick Anger show 46 Randy Rhoads 6 to 8. 86th caller for the Joes. $1925 gift card was Christopher Is she baby? I'm just living my life. Bonus. Chris's she won the $25 gift card to Joe's dining. Thank you, sir. For listening and participating in plain breath. He's on his way down to Albuquerque to Keeping it under play the walk up music in between innings music and all that at the Cubs game. He's the keyboardist at the Cubs game at flirting, and he teaches music as Santa Fe problems, and he just wanted $25 gift card to Johnson. Baby. I'm just living my life. All right on the show Manana. We'll have our weekly chat with Dr Wendy Johnson from La Familia about Covid. We will speak with Sandra Like us. She.

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