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Westbound inside the beltway near two O two landover road that's a report of the crash used caution there Rob stallworth traffic Thanks rob Let's get another look at this coming storm with Steve pritzi valley Which are weather advisories are posted for the greater D.C. area winter storms for our northern western suburbs as snow arrives and it will accumulate quickly this afternoon before changing to sleep freezing rain and then rain this evening One to three inches in the greater D.C. area three to 6 inches in the far northern western suburbs with highs in the 30s Tonight blustery and rain will end after midnight then mostly cloudy blustery cold Monday low 40s I'm storm team four meteorologist few prince of Allen It is a cool 24° here in Washington D.C. at 1230 This is W TOP Your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO P never this a moment Hey I hope you're having a good Sunday afternoon I'm Shayna doolin Anika velas our producer and coming up We've got a big storm coming our way will tell you what you need to know Also loudon county school board now the subject of a state investigation I'm John doeman Late spring is said to be the earliest possible opening date for the silver line extension I'm John Aaron It is 1231 here at WTO P and we are expecting a big storm this afternoon heavy snow turning the ice and freezing rain Let's go to a report now With storm team fours Steve prince of valley We are bracing for another winter storm arriving in the area this afternoon winter weather advisories posted for the I 95 corridor and the greater D.C. area winter storm warnings for our northern and western suburbs snow arriving from south to north then changing to ice freezing rain and rain as we head toward evening Accumulations one to three inches for the greater D.C. area three to 6 inches though in the far northern western suburbs as we top off in the 30s later this afternoon Windswept rain tonight will end after midnight then mostly cloudy Monday blustery cold lower 40s near 40 and partly sunny on Tuesday stormed before meteorologists depressive valley Thanks Steve And minority leader Mitch McConnell and other leading Republicans we are learning are increasing their campaign to persuade Marilyn governor Larry Hogan to run for Senate.

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