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Who has walk up music these days, the autumn wind. He is Ranger Mike. What's up? Mike? Sense Mac epic epic. Thanks for taking the call buddy. For the record, Jim. It was rub play by a third and Renfroe, which went against Marlon Humphrey, and it got Jones free on that game winner. Uh, it's been probably like what a year to the day since I've been in van Smack. Apologies there. The jobs had me a little busy working that Sun tan in the Kuwaiti desert and its epic to be back in on a victory Tuesday. You know, I was in Vegas this summer, and toward that place, I toured the death star. Beautiful cribs. Sweet, A legit football stadium, not the patch Mahal they built out an angle would legendary legendary first game last night shades of 2016 lucky or not? Probably the most impressive performance I've seen from a Raider defensive and probably five years swarm, tackling collapsing the pocket, forcing two turnovers out of a talent like Lamar Jackson both ended up as touchdown. How unrated like is that but you've got to be lucky to be good. Couple of notes fan smack. Nice to see our quarterback Get through is his preseason in the first quarter before you could totally think our defense and by the way, that's dudes 20 seconds, fourth quarter comeback if you need them. I'm a little concerned with the offensive line, especially at center. I mean God dang it. Andre James was like Keystone top trying to direct plays Campbell through traffic. Why would you give up a Pro bowl or like Rodney Hudson for that, you know, But you know, it's just business. And the offensive line is Tom cables, Business and dude has earned the benefit of doubt and nice guy debut. Last night by Outland Trophy winner Alex Leatherwood cables. Latest protege. Quick shout out to my Man cornerback Nate Hobbs, whose name was not called once last night. I guess that's a good thing. Another legendary game from the silver and black bands back franchise that leads the league in all time. Legendary games. It wasn't the holy roller, but we will take it. That's all I got Short and sweet, Like Kinky baby says in and out heartburn Rake Raider Nation, baby. Just go.

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