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It's good to see you this is it is thank you he's come back to you as you have to more than fifteen months away after a twenty nineteen arrive with outside the cage issues including several arrests throaty ranked number five a world lightweight a victory over McGregor would vault and even higher cowboys already said this is his largest payday and his nine year UFC career Michael biz being in jail sign in both concerned though about McGregor in this match up so let's see if I lose you strictly for four times last year in the first two people I was Alexander Hernandez but that's the price you know second got a guy that when the distance give me no matter made of I shows that Donald Cerrone he shows up tomorrow night is enjoyable what we know about human beings we don't get better at something by not doing it Conor is been on the shelf for four hundred and sixty days look he's a young man he says it is get as life under control of a picture's worth a million words he looks fantastic I mean he looks like he's far better stole the other.

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