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They as good as the Pillsbury out of the is good is the Pillsbury you just die makes you want to die in like a million times better than the bill you would never eat a Pillsbury cinnamon after you eat one of the settlement so give it a secret agreement right yeah you do it all for you do also do all thing getting in the pan all lined up and then you pour forget to half a Cup a Cup of heavy cream over a wall and then you pop them in the oven we and yeah and I eat five or six of them and I get really sick my my mom used to work at this deli when I was growing up and there was this older white lady she must await three hundred fifty pounds and for good reason because she made these things they called sticky bond sure sure sure and it was I don't even know how to describe it they were like cinnamon buns but like next level she had gotten the recipe from her mother they were from the south there was enough butter in there to give you a jammer it's like two miles on evil now as we're talking about this you are getting hit of dopamine everyone is getting ahead of me right now really yeah so you're so yes all chat about how even thinking about things gives you certain hormone releases that have you Sir think certain things that's how that that's all I guess experiment right there that's salivating of your mouth and everything that's all hormone releases but we have an answer for a couple weeks so we've reset our dopamine levels and it's so good that way now so you because if you here's I think about and I will move on if you can even eat something you get one pleasure point now Hey goes away a couple minutes later you get one pleasure point now if you don't eat something sugary yet no pleasure points but you get to contentment points the last forever hello that's how I visualize it anyway hi dear this video not sure who the audio is do deals with warm one for sixteen yeah I got it when fired off yes please.

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