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During that like that female empowering you know like seen on their fighting i'm kind of like what the fuck. What are you gonna do make someone like go to sleep. Like come on. And she's strong. I get it but these people are superheroes and you can fucking like read. Someone's you can tell if they're sad or you can make them go to bed or something. I just found that to be like. Wow that's straight diss to my girl. The lychee what is her name. What is her character. What's her character named chase. They're gonna drive me nuts but see but also remember remember she controlled ego and she kept him asleep long enough to withhold his power and she did the same with anos of chris. Pratt wouldn't fucked up chris. Proud wouldn't have just gotten a real Fucking angry dana's what a died the first time. We're gonna just crisp retinas. He knows also. I can't blame him. He's pretty upset about comoro so cannot really blame him. But the characters name in guardians of the galaxy to mantis. Thanks steve mayor. So i'm looking at the cast. And i was trying to find the person that would look like her and i didn't see it this palm. That's her name. That's her name did not. I knew her name started with a p. Okay but i need to rewatch that scene. Maybe i need to go back and rewatch the end of end game just the end. I'm not gonna watch the full three hours right now. I ain't got that time. Yeah any other last words about one division. I'm looking forward to the next episode. Yeah this is has my attention and it's getting better. It's getting better and better. And i'm curious now like how many episodes they're gonna make it probably ten. I would hope to ten. Yeah i'm cool. That's good them out. I would say then. That's the end of our show. We've covered all of. Yeah one division. Four episode. Four talked about night stalker. We had a lot of news today. There was just like to to to to service a lot of news to cover. But it's we hope you guys enjoyed the show. We're going to do our plugs now chase. Where can people find you. You can find me on twitter chase a mcknight's and instagram at chase mcknight and please like and follow us on instagram at franken underscore nerd on twitter instagram. And then my instagram is at lurker crap. It's l. a. r. p. a. k. r. a. p. it's my name backwards but please like in subscribe and give us any input that you want us to talk about or if you have any things that we missed out on just feel free to. Dm us messages on. Twitter gives shout. We're going to be doing a giveaway really soon. We're going to do A team effort with franken culture. So we're gonna be announcing that soon so if you start following us on instagram and twitter you can hear about our giveaway. And it's actually cool stuff stickers. This is some fucking cool stuff. Might throw in a couple of stickers. No but it's actually we we since we're talking. We'll just do a little hint. We're talking about it a lot so it has something to do with what we've been discussing on a every single podcast lately interest. Yeah so we hope you enjoyed the show and we will talk to you guys soon. Thank you i..

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