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All right, and welcome back to the MC football podcast. We spent the first segment talking about Dell Beckham junior second one on James Winston, and the third on Josh Gordon. Okay. Now we move on and talk about some training camp stuff. Okay. Some training camp battles and. I mean, one is over in Dallas as far as it was going to be the number one guy. Okay. And I mean, I guess battle really is between Allen Hearns. And Michael gal. Okay. I don't see Terrance Williams taking over that spot for from Bryant because of the fact that I mean has turns Williams ever jumped out on the TV to you and just made you guys. Definitely, number one receiver know that dude has been. He's just been the guy who played opposite Dez Bryant for a few years. Okay. I mean, he hasn't really done much. Kobe's a slot receivers will never be the number one guy that I guess that's why it's between Alan, Michael Gallup. I got a soon that Allan Hearns getting the not here. Okay. There's no way that you signed Aaron her out her the free agency to have him not be the number one guy. Okay. Assuming that Terrence Williams has got his thought spot locked up as far as the number to receive. And even then, I mean, we could see it. We're Gallup in Hearn's are the starting receivers Williams. I mean, what's the point of having Williams on this team? Okay. I mean. Honestly, as Terrance Williams ever. Jumped out at, you know. All right. Let me pull up his stats and see exactly. What he's done so far is crew doubts because I mean, last couple years does Brian wasn't. Wasn't great. Okay. Obviously, someone had to pick up the slack there and I don't think it was Williams. It was doing that. So let's see. He got drafted in two thousand thirteen that Ricky and he started eight games played in all sixteen of forty four receptions seven hundred thirty six yards. Five touchdowns Saul rookie campaign there. Okay. To fourteen thirty seven receptions six hundred twenty one yards. Eight touchdowns two thousand fifteen fifty two receptions eight hundred and forty yards. Three touchdowns two thousand sixteen forty four receptions five hundred and ninety four yards..

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