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It's been part of the reason there's been suspension and frankly part of the reasons why uh there's been internal discussions again this year the troy vincent confirm that potentially they could move to a college style targeting rule that would require an immediate automatic unquestioned ejection and after these type of hits you kevin i have uh some some thoughts on this that's i wanna make sure that i too can lead them properly because sure i am i think all of us are all for the players safety as a primary initiative for the nfl to continue to work towards and you know and make the priority a going forward i think it's also worth noting that you we get caught up in two aspects of these plays often the result in the intent the results pretty obvious year obviously davante adams left this game and we hope he recovers quickly and you feel for the guy's a second time as you noted that he has been on the wrong end of one of these massive hits there's resulted a concussion intent is also be that i think is something that is a factor here and i'm not trying to say that we should legislate or you know um we should uh change the punishment based off of intent like if a player doesn't mean to do some he should be off the hook as you head thomas davis was distraught but the reason why bring up intent is that i think it's obvious that when you play game with the best athletes in the world moving at an incredible pace plays like this are going to be hard to eliminate so that's the part that i think that i don't wanna say we have to just we we have to deal with it because we can't just say we can't just settle for just dealing with it but i think as much as we want these place to evaporate it's going to be difficult for the nfl to do anything they can ensure that these plays are not a part of the nfl game right that's just unfortunately that's part of the risk that is incurred by players in playing this game of football is you're going to have moments were guys not intentionally.

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