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Movie lady heart by any chance rutger hauer yeah now you have seen it i have seen as a pretty cool movie matthew broderick i think that was right after fierce buehler members right before fairest buehler ronnie i really cool about the i don't know someone a which or someone and put a curse on these two lovers michelle pfeiffer and then rutger hauer and by day the lady was a hawk by night she was a woman by night rutger hauer was a man by day he was was he a wolf or something on your remember it's been so long you don't remember i don't remember either i think we've got a video that that andre jeff chronic liar for that you know these are coming back these youngsters are light light plane vhs and cassette tapes right so go i have a whole bunch of them hanging around my how cool let's do something a we spin that eightball it's a radio topic magic eightball that i gave you would go ahead shake that thing and see what it comes up with let me take a look go ahead how you now no no i got it and i just i'm show woodward were linked up via a video connection here died all right you said do something random high cool got it right here hey allan parsons in the music year allan parsons is the guy from a who did produce short side of the moon for this states and he also did that syria song that the bulls come out through that is garbage man 1985 i don't miss you after all right nineteen rules that make no sense but everyone follows anyway are these uniquely american reserves this everybody melissa smith i don't know and some of these kind of these are more relevant than others i think oh you're right now i i don't do that yeah but some of them are like get on okay i got one where is it hold on i gotta go over here i got it here knock on wood she you wanna know why we knock on wood dea her i am happy to tell you well tse knocking on would obviously such superstition i don't.

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