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Search free lunch. It's four 28. Traffic and weather on the aids Ralph Fox is in the WTO traffic center. A couple of concerns on the major roadways as we start to lose what sunlight we had there, taking a look, let's start on two 70. Southbound before one O 9 hides down at the right lane getting by due to the crash you're back up, however, is going to take you back before urbana so if you're wondering, why are you slowing down? That's the reason everything is off to the off to the left. And again, the right lane getting by the incident is southbound, the left lane was blocked to northbound previously due to the response seeing some minor delays on the northbound side as well. On 95, southbound at the ICC, the left shoulder blocked due to a crash there, and on the northbound side, 95, you've got delays in the area of route 32. That's the eastbound. They said the setting towards fort Meade, a crash on the off ramp there, watch for some slowing through that spot as well. We got some heavy travel through on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. This is in the area of one 97. There was an earlier crash there that appears to be out of the roadway, but we still got some heavy volume before one 97. It'll clear up before you get to one 98. Southbound, your delays start to after one 75, and you've got heavy volume all the way down to one 97, it's actually going to take you all the way down to the powder mill road area, and then it will pick up there, but we've got some heavy volume in both directions on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, taking a look around the capitol beltway, things in good shape. We had an earlier concern in jessup one 75 between milestone Parkway, and parkside boulevard spot to watch for there as well. The traffic center brought to you by Ashley furniture, get better sleep and save big and Ashley's new year's sale event shop and save on all the leading mattress brands, but these deals will not last. Visit home stores dot online for the Ashley store nearest you. Well, Fox WTO traffic. Storm team four is clay Anderson. We continue with the warm air about ten to 15° above average across the Washington metropolitan area, clouds will be across our region and it will be a damp New

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