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But yeah I mean honestly the money. I'm not sure of the market now but it used to be fantastic. I mean Gosh you could be making at the time. Well I mean think think. Think about a twenty two year old kid. You know in the early two thousand. Yeah you're making a thousand thousand six. Yeah I mean you're you're making a thousand something like that. Yeah after agency our agency gets cut. And there's some travel expenses but if you do one hundred of those a year man. You're looking real good you know and of course. I was so I was a typical young silly kid and I didn't really know how to save money but Like like most of us but But all that to say that's circuit and I'm assuming it's somewhat the same but if you really work on it and you have a really good promo video and you sell yourself to agency. It's a good means to make a living for sure. Well man that's also how long. How long did you do that for? Gosh that was probably off and on for if I had to guess maybe eight years or so to be honest. Hit The we at the pinnacle of it and we you know we want some awards the most you know best coffeehouse quote Unquote Act this year and whatever year it was and so that meaning we. We just got the most bookings and we're the most Sought after act. I guess to go to your your school and So yeah it was. It was a great time and it was it. Was you know it's easy? I mean looking back on it. A young twenty something. I wish I had my head on straight a little more easy to get trump and and just do stupid stuff as most kids do but essentially Right out of high school if you really look at the timeline of it right out of high school. I'm signing a deal and a year or two later. I'm on the road. I mean it's like hello real world. You know there's no more English class now. It's like hitting the pavement and see and stuff and the on the road majority say notice stuff. Yeah exactly how she did that for so you did that for a good while. It sounds like through your twenties for the most part. Where did what? What opportunity did you get from that? Or how did you were? You able to leverage anything in that in the circuit to kind of go from there to your next step. Yeah I think honestly what I take away from my time. College touring is probably just experience. I mean truthfully the depending on the night each show depends on the quality of the student activity board at the school. That booked you meaning. You could go one night and have a contact or a board who so excited about you come. And they've promoted it and they put you in a theater and there's three hundred people there four hundred people there and then you could go the very next night an hour up the road and it's the the person in charge is just doing it to get some credit and they don't care about the actual event itself there's no promotion and there might be three people no joke one time. They put me in a computer lab and there was one dude in there and when he saw US setting up he turned around looked at us and he put his headphones on you. So it's like all that to say I mean and this is when the Youtube Star Church Church youth camps that started like that exactly and and this is when the youtube thing was really starting to take off so people were recording us our shows and honestly dude We had we would travel to wherever and people were singing our songs back to us and even though they weren't released they were just seeing them live versions on Youtube. I was like how cool is that. You know so it was a good. It was a good way to get exposure and to gain fame and to make really great money But at the same time it's really just every single day was a different situation and it wasn't pretty one By no means was glamorous. It was cutting teeth pay in your dues and learning how to work an audience. Even if there's three people or three hundred or four hundred and you just learn to work an audience and tell funny jokes and be silly and not take yourself too serious. Is there a place that If you find yourself taking it too seriously as place you have to go to kind of mentally trick yourself into like. Hey man three people give it. Give it the three thousand. Yeah absolutely mean I think that circuit to be honest that circuit unfortunately gone are the days of record labels paying attention and go. Hey man this this guys out there tour and like crazy but you know all you have to do like is tour that circuit with the understanding that you're not necessarily going to get a deal out of it but just take it for what it is. It's it's a great circuit to make great money build some fans get some emails on your mailing list and just cut your teeth. You know. But when I was young I was thinking this was going to launch me into a big record deal you know and so I was a little disappointed in that because quite honestly record labels. Don't pay attention to your amount of tour dates from colleges. They just don't because it's a completely separate world but may have but once. I stopped taking myself so serious and just doing it for what it was a man it was it was a blast and even if it was one of those shows where there's three people you know at the end of the day. I'm getting paid really well to travel and play music for an hour an hour show. That's it so I was like man. How could I complain about this? So it's all about perspective you know and I learned that at a young age as well sure. Now that's GONNA perspective being able to zoom out and say you know Kinda. This is the big picture and this is where this event fits in. So let me give it everything I got right and especially for folks that have hopefully are listening to multiple of these. Podcasts are going to find out that they're going to see a pattern that you guys giving it everything you got for. The three people is usually what opens up the door down the road. Not necessarily you giving it your all for three thousand people. Because that's kind of easier expected right. I mean one thousand percent. I mean it's it's all about habits and honestly just honoring honoring the craft. Nothing worth it is handed to you. You know it's not supposed to be easier otherwise we would do it. And that's just not the case and you have to be okay with that you know there's zero entitlement and this business has a funny way of knocking. You back down to Earth once. You think you've made it Yup. I picked up a picked. Up From my father-in-law is the hard way. As the easy way which basically goes both ways right. If you put in the hard work it will ultimately becomes the easy way to have done it absolutely but if you try to put in the easy work it becomes the hard way to do exactly as the hard way the hard ways easy way a anyways and that applies here is exactly what you're saying. Hundred percent applies in the business world. As well where I do most of my work cool so you did that for a while. And where where'd you go from there? And what made you Kinda step out? Yes sure so. I was still kind of doing it for a long time. Slowly slowly tapered off. I mean I started over this time I was married. I ended up having a Kiddo three years ago so technically. I'm still on an active roster. I just don't get as offers like I used to because I kind of made it clear to my through. Neka yes I. I made it clear that agency is like. I don't really want to go do that that much anymore. If something comes up cool hit me up I'll say your name but You know in you know desires change. I didn't really want to be on the road row dog in it so much. A hundred percent began with that right. So like from there Gosh years and years of doing that but while I was home in the summer because obviously at the time. There's there's no touring there's no college during the summer. So I started making connections in Atlanta just being that I was born and raised here and there was a started making a name for myself and I would have residency gigs. I'd play Sambuc Jazz Club on Thursday nights I would play Gosh there was a cigar bar and Alfa Reta Georgia. I would play on Friday nights and it was just. It was always places to play and I was always getting GIG GIG GIG GIG and I would just start striking up relationships man relationship. I you know and then I started. Land some great gigs. And Gosh from there I joined a cover band does like corporate party stuff so they need the tour bus. The whole nine yards so base. Go on the weekends. If if there's really expensive fancy wedding you know in Texas or something. We'd go and we'd perform do cover tunes and it was like a dance thing so you dress up and you got a big huge ban. I'm sure we've all seen stuff like that at weddings yet. Insane with corporate events started doing that as well with with this band and I started getting attention from Tyler. Perry's world who is obviously a media mogul And I got I got asked to be in the cast of his stage. Play musical called laugh to keep from crying and that was I want to say that was around. Two thousand eleven to two thousand ten thousand eleven and Man. We were playing For about two and a half months on the road nonstop playing sold out theaters. All across the country is great. What did you get from the Tyler? Perry GIG both From a networking standpoint and talent wise. Like what did you? What did you grow as an artist in that season? Yeah man my takeaway. From that was to be honest. I always tell people People are so kind to come up and say man. How do you get.

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