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Let's go to district in which features a billionaire. Incumbent Scott Trevor is running against the challenger Rashaad. Carter. A billionaire. Now see how can someone who so rich know anything about? The whole system. Actually. Rashaad Carter is the billionaire. He owns a software company and I find that. So inspiring. More entrepreneurs like that in our community look at least he pays his taxes. That's right I. GotTa go with the Democrat on this one where Scott Trevor is the Democrat Rashaad Carter Libertarian, which is what I like about him. He's an independent thinker. Good little bit on Saturday night live with people changing their minds. They found out who is a Democrat or who was black or whatever gets which is the way on a Lotta politics goes I finally carved out a little time in watched Ace Ventura do Joe, Biden Jim Carey some and is good. It's really good. He looks like him. Crazy old Joe Biden's pretty even criticism I don't mind and we haven't done this story yet. It happened Friday a teacher in Paris was beheaded because he had shown some pictures of Mohammed in a class and. Talk about the religion of peace and Yeah. Word got out onto social media. The commentary got more and more fevered on social media until some young. Muslim immigrant decided to exact his revenge. and. Beheaded the poor teacher and then the eighteen year old do Chetchen Muslim was shot dead by police but they just this morning. On what time it is in France but rated some homes with some other people that may be involved or something. Yeah plus they you know they're. Non Credit. France has enacted some laws about They go a little far for my taste about inciting extremism that sort of thing and so they're arresting people merely for posting I I'm glad they sought off that guy's head will. Had taught a class on the freedom of expression during which he used characters of the Prophet taken from the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which had that horrifying shooting a couple years back remember. Yeah and the trial actually is going on right now. Y, which is why this bag the news you know it's interesting. This guy was teaching class on free expression got his head sought off. There was a rally for free expression in San Francisco and those people were beaten down by ANTIFA types So That's interesting but keep listening to the news media when they tell you that the people wearing masks and carrying weapons or the good guys beating down free speech rallies you'd think you'd question that if you had to brain cells to rub together. mainly. Yeah. That's a brutal brutal story chimney. France has some serious issues they have those. Huge heavily. Muslim. Suburbs of Paris. That don't consider themselves France. I wish them well and dealing with that. You know we can go into detail on this or we could either just give you the broad outlines and you can trust us. It's true. The the moderator of the debate on Thursday, Kristen welker NBC's a flaming Democrat. I mean she's a lefty. She comes from a big rich highly connected democratic family. She celebrated Christmas at the White House with the OBAMAS. Lots of that would all be fine because you know a lot of these journalists and other human beings they have one of you. They have backgrounds that would all be fine if it were ever the opposite, but it never is right ever. Ever, ever and don't give me what about Chris. Chris Walls I bet you a thousand bucks voted for Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton twice and Barack Obama twice whenever Chris Wallace has been registered as a voter. He's a democrat. which is fine. Ever. The other way it would be entertaining. Yeah and then they mentioned that this was also the Gal who was busted she they went to her live on TV in and twenty sixteen and her earpiece without or something she didn't realize it and she was caught on camera. Tipping off Hillary Clinton's communications. Director. General Palmeri about the questions. She's about to ask her and ask her about Flynn I'm GonNa ask her and I'm going to ask you about this. Okay. in just a second and then oh I'm on. Okay. Tell me this and then and asked the question she just spoon fed. Clinton's communication director. Unbelievable. So she's GonNa go at trump like crazy. And then her question Joe Biden about the Hunter Biden stuff will be can you believe the right is trying to smear you like the Washington Post? And we'll see. trump are you a dictator because you clearly are? Joe Biden. What wonderful new era will you usher in for America they're going to be together in person right Biden and trump on. Thursday. Allegedly blow where is it i? Guess don't suppose makes indifference on the television. I'm your computer on my phone Philly I can't remember doesn't matter. ninety minutes again no commercials. Yes sir. But this trump, this time trump won't have covert. Well in trump allegedly is gonna let Joe Biden hang himself. He's GonNa. Let him talk will say. Watch me. Two weeks from Laura's the elections a better do something big and when it's going to be. Armstrong and getty. Feeling loss. Then we've got the PODCAST for you labyrinth. I'm Amanda Knox and I am Christopher Robinson. I know what it's like to be absolutely stuck to wind up in a life I never expected but everyone's got their own personal maids complete with dead ends, shortcuts and mentors. So we're bringing your podcast where you can get lost on a cruise ship in the trauma of a mother's murder in a presidential campaign or an corrupt. Surrounded by ravenous media, a podcast featuring unlikely obstacles a terrorist husband, a shadowy cabal, a pregnant wife across the ocean. So come on, get lost with us as we bring you stories from Jon, Ronson Lavar Burton. Yasmin. Mohammed Dave Navarro Andrew Yang Malcolm glad well, and others expect dark and hilarious misadventures, controversial questions and above all expect to arrive at unexpected places. Listen to labyrinths on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts..

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