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Us what happened in that questionnaire but congratulations and get your hair cut did you they charge reasonable price did you give me a reasonable tip I did I I tip them as much as the hair cut costs just around while while this because man of money you know when when I haven't had a hair cut looks expensive really yes thank you doesn't look as good as your the wife's Erica your wife figured well and I notice you're not wearing a hat the day after this here cat like you did the day after your watcher cal which is kind of a slap in the face to your own wise a lady to cut my hair she's cut my arms is where did you go for your last and you said I committed here adultery my wife I said my wife could you guys that's interesting we got got going on up here so you're really thrown your wife under the bus my wife and I talked about it last night when I got home and she said well there's some material for the show tomorrow yeah yeah he isn't wearing his hat today he's proud of their county got yesterday that's right but anyway congratulations thank you I I was great that your supporter local barbers who been jerked around for a while and follow and that's great that they did all this that my barber didn't my barber wore a mask and they had space scene and they had me park outside they wouldn't let me read the sports illustrated's or other magazines that I tend to them walk out of the barber shop with after over here kept telling them I got to read this golf magazine there take it records are kind of used to it so they don't have those bags did they have a waiting area for you to sit and read magazines yeah except they don't have the magazines out and the waiting area was actually outside of the actual building like there's an area a common area outside is or was I was already inside before I went further inside but they had a space chairs were you did you wear a mask yes during the entire her candid you kept it on during the entire and I just you know just today when when she got there certain parts and she had a mask on too did you ever adjusted words below so what you digested it that means you touched the finance bass which you're not supposed to do well better than not having one I don't know.

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