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How magic who Kobe who? Somebody in the plane says to Michael how is your winning percentage higher? How it's higher and Michael's answer was because I'm a better player. How is it higher? I'm a winner. No, no. Nobody kills logistic higher thing about Michael out here in the middle of the seventy eighty seven Lakers win the title in eighty eight Lakers when the title right in eighty nine they go to the finals and lose in nineteen ninety to go to the Western Conference finals and lose in ninety one. They go to the finals and lose Michael Leighton finals four out of his five years, say me. So I'm just great. But wasn't magic. When when was magic magic to nine finals. But keep in mind he played in way, more games. I see I see waning her Senate. I thought it could be how. But then I forgot the Powell's here for the for the two. Yeah. That's right. He was here now winning now. Who's cool. No Mace OC Jackson. You'll think forty-three should be up in the rafters are you in the hall of fame? He's in the Minnesota hall fan of Bahamas on can retire number in the Bahamas, and is your university of Minnesota Bahamas hall of fame plaque made out of paper machine out of palm leaves like a coconut with coconut coconut inscribed is your number retired at the university of Minnesota forty three right up there in the old barn. Nice. Nice. So Jim Peterson the wolves announcer went to Minnesota and wore number forty three because of Michael was a retired. So so Michael inspired it a future generations. And they still still doesn't know is it Michael Thompson boulevard or avenue boulevard. Michael you are happening players play. Not sound like that. Yes. No. I can tell you. You were cool with my dad. My late. Great dad thought. I was cool. He said you work with Michael Thompson. All right. Yeah. Never even met them to meet him. Yeah. He was a piece of Michelle ski what was the Mr. machine? So Steve James, Sean ski Cain Michael since we have fasttrack coming up. I wanted to get this in while you were still here. There is a story on golf week magazine. That says it wasn't the caddy who outed Matt Kuchar Lee had to tell somebody. No, no, it was a PGA tour veteran named Tom Gillis. He know about it. Well, because they heard the story on tour. So somebody was talking about how cheap Cuccia was right? So who Kuta wasn't going to bring it up? Somebody had to had to the leak. It leaks leaks leaks everywhere makes others there's several only only Kucher and a Kanye still hold the caddy responsible. Even if he didn't go public with just mentioned it in the locker room. I mean, you cheapness I I would have the worse than being. Yeah. You're a dichotomy in this. Because I tell people you're the most generous guy in the road, you pick up the tab for dinner all the time. You're very nice. We're walking down the street, and there's some homeless guy on the street all the audit, lefties, we walk with ever give that guy time, and Michael handsome, twenty bucks, except you hold fast on this one thing that I wanna change your mind about you don't tip if you get bad service. So I'll tip we'll give him twenty five percents. They'll give them fifteen when I get bad service. I think you have to you know, why why? Because you're a public figure somebody publicly say you are a terrible terrible waiter or waitress sometimes, it's not the waiter a waitress fault..

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