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Which led to her own spittle. Leachman landed in two back to back big films in the seventies as well in the last Picture show, for which he grabbed an Oscar for best supporting actress. I am Paul Brujo on Young Frankenstein. Over the last 50 years, she had notable roles and raising hope and Mad about you Reboot Michelle Pelino Fox News and that really just scratches the surface of the work of Cloris Leachman loved her in her all. Well, everything that she did that sorry. She was just fantastic, but she did a lot of those things she voiced. Movies as far as animated movies. The crowds she was in that finished Phinnaeus and Ferb Shell suited voices and Bob's burgers rolls on the Ellen Show, Malcolm in the middle as you mentioned, raising Hope. She won eight Primetime Emmys and one daytime Emmy. That is amazing span of work and Since you're probably thinking it and you would ask it to no one but yourself in the car. Yes, Cloris Leachman and Betty White were friends Betty White, just recently celebrating her 95th birthday. Ah, going back to the seventies when they worked together on the Mary Tyler Moore Show on just like Betty Cloris Leachman was big in the animal rights. They even played rival Grandma's and the 2010 comedy you again. So pretty incredible chorus Leachman and I just I was going through some stuff and it is interesting. When You get a chance to kind of look behind the scenes. And one of the funniest movies I think was Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein, and I remember seeing that at the Royal Theater downtown Gainesville, the theater is now gone. It's a parking lot. But I remember seeing that movie and just being in tears. It was just so funny, but apparently The people in the theater. What the only ones cracking up Now Gene Wilder was in the movie. And course. Leachman, in an interview, said that he had a hard time not cracking up and one of the scenes where He just couldn't seem to get it. Keep it together was whether walking up the stairs and she's got a candle operate and she turns to them is they're walking up the stairs with the candle opera turns around and says.

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