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And I don't think either of them are going to go far out of Hollywood considering they both work there. I think if that works for them like they should do that. I can't imagine getting divorced so publicly now I mean, that's tough, especially when you were like such relationship goals for the rest of the world for so long. Yeah, that's got to be really really hard. I mean, I don't think there's anything really harder than going through a public divorce and having everyone way and then also having a kid. Yeah. And she on her podcast always talked about him. So it's like, yeah. Things have to be really bad for you to throw in the towel. When like it's at that level, y'all like so many people look to your relationship, and so many people are invest. In it, which is like weird for us. But here we are. I mean, I think they're making the right decision for them. I think so too and their kid is really cute. And I feel like they're cool credo natty you like, they're they're it's not like that bad between them. But he has like a new lady love, I love his lady love. Yeah. She is like, she's cool. She do, you know her we interviewed her on the podcast interesting. What does she do? She cheese, Catherine. Yeah. She just sorta book, so cute. It's about maverick and me is rescue. Yes. Look, that's cute. She's adorable and she's she's good. With key lovely and has lots of charisma. Cool. Does she have a kid? No, isn't she like twenty six. I'm not sure how old she is. I guess I don't have a kid in my could write a kids book Yano. Yano? It'd be great. I ready kids. You would be like something about a piece of toast. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh my God. You have to do that to the red. Like, it's the redhead totally like a cute redhead wearing a pink latex, dress acute the child wearing latex, Jeff when speaking of children are fifth and final story is really kind of wild girl. Scouts sue boy scouts over programs. Name change the girl scouts of the United States of America. Thout a trademark infringement lawsuit on Monday against the boy scouts of America for dropping the word boy from its flagship program in an effort to attract girls in the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court the girl scouts claim the program. Quote, does not have a right under either federal or New York law to use terms like scouts scouting by themselves in connection with services offered to girls or to rebrand itself as quote the scouts. Scott's such misconduct will not only cause confusion about among the public damage, the goodwill GS USA's girl scouts trademarks and wrote its core brand identity, but it will also marginalize the girl scouts movement by causing the public. To believe that GS US's. Extraordinarily successful services are not true or official quote scouting programs, but niece services with limited utility and appeal..

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