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Favorite over? Now. Actually, my favorite bump kind of giving them honorable mentions because I haven't heard of yet. Okay. Space coast hurt. Space ghost. Now, he space goes host a late night TV show is that the tick. I think he did. But that was long after the cartoon. All right. I don't remember the cartoon tell me about it. Cartoons in the seventies early seventies. It was about this guy was a ghost and travel throughout space. How did usual adventures? And then there was a herculean. What's the thing? I like about both. Really different Herculex was his family sort of right on this planet, and they had different adventures on every show. And then I got a trivia question for you. So go ahead. Okay. Who was the original? Who was the narrative for rocky? Boy. Oh that was William Conrad. Wasn't it? Correct. And I and who did he go on to be the narrator for? I don't know about that. But I know who else was was original, Matt Dillon. And all right. All right. We're gonna go Frank cannon. Now, I'm going to give you on. I just gave it out. Right. Who is who? And what EV detective did he play? Yeah. My dad loves that show. I'll give you another one. William Conrad was the bouncer for what very popular television show whose finale generated the highest ratings of its time. Ooh. That's a good question. Go ahead. I have no idea. All right. We'll give you a head there. I'll give you a clue it only. Don't give clues. I'll give you a clue. Okay. Now. William Conrad was the announcer and the show when the show went off the air got the highest ratings of in the history of television at that point. And it was one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. Oh, no. Nineteen sixty seven. I'll give you a give you a Conrad would come on in the beginning of every episode, and he came on again at the end of every episode and the show was acquitted Martin production. No, that's. You've gotta know this. You're gonna hear you. You're going to hate yourself. When I tell you come on, get smart. No come on an innocent victim of vine Justice. Or as Conrad with say an innocent victim of blind Justice. Could've been a fusion. It was the fugitive falsely convicted of the murder of his wife. Oh, yeah. Until a train wreck freed him. Yeah. Is you ever your the conclusion to that? Of course, the funny they run they run the fugitive on Sunday nights on me TV and actually DVR it. So that I can watch it on Monday morning. It was such a grows really ahead of its time. David David Johnson played a great part in it. And you know, the way it ended the kind of like for what it was. It was a really good show and the movie they came out with with Harrison Ford in Ninety-three was incredible. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. Favorite movies? Real person Sam Sheppard, right? I believe so Dr Sam shepherd, and I think he got off right then Sam Sheppard get off. I think so I remember all the details about that. It was great about it show is based on, but it didn't really mirror it. No. And you what you got with the fugitive was the idea that, you know, in the sixties when black and white was becoming grey back in the fifties. You had the white hats and black the good guys into bad guys with a fugitive. Here's the whole idea it broadened so much more so many more elements to television because here you got this guy. He's innocent. How do we know he's innocent because you're going to tell you is innocent upfront. Now, you've got this cop who doesn't really care whether that he's innocent. He just knows his his job to enforce the law and the law says he's guilty. Even though Gerard deep down has his doubts. He's got to enforce or he's got the conflict going on. And then you got this guy. And you know, what it could never happen today. No. I mean, like, I don't know like when you see those America's most wanted how I mean like when you look at the way like with that show. Just like, you know, he would circle there. I mean on the one hand hiking, you find him on the other hand has he ever gonna find a guy that he saw in a split second run out of house, but but like today with cell phones and fat, you know, and and communication that. We have I don't think it would work today. They tried it in the late nineties, and it didn't work. Yeah. They did. Tim. That was he plays. He plays. The husband on Madam secretary. Yeah. Played really. Well, the only thing about that show that got me though is every time I can get caught because every time David Janssen spoke up. We'll get this look on his face. Like if I were a cop. I them just just the way he looked at me. Vince man, thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five eight three one zero one point five rollover to place tonight. Steve trevelise denizen Judy coming up. The rewind is coming up at.

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