Mets, Devin Booker, Astros discussed on Bears Postgame


So Abdullah the butcher is indeed for and then it's into he's from Ontario, Canada, even though he was what was the What was the food that he is or was making in in Alabama? Did you find out what was in it while he was Atlanta's permanently closed now, But it was a house of ribs, and it was a barbecue slash Chinese food joint. Okay. Very good at Lebatard showed Tony put it on the pole. Have you ever eaten our herd of a barbarous, greedy operating barbecue slash Chinese food joint? Chris? What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Ryan. No job, Brian. He's our favorite around here. Bob Ryan. He's become the king of the butt Tweet. I'm convinced that this point he's just doing it on purpose, and he's just playing us all in a fiddle. He tweeted this weekend, just the at sign. And it's like if you if you check his tweets and every tweets but sweets, they become his most retweeted tweet. So I feel like he's ahead of all those on this, and he's doing all that on purpose. Tony, How about you? What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Funniest thing was dream on Green getting fined $50,000 for tampering on TNT for ST Get Devin Booker out of Phoenix. He's not even the bubble. He's not even working, and he's still getting fined. Keandre it is. It is funny that whatever it is that he earned from TNT for that night of broadcasting work is going to end up costing him more than whatever it is that he earns two gods. What did you think was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? The Phoenix Suns being the best team in the bubble, the MBA. Abel. It's never been the best of anything, but they've had a bad run the sons of the sons and played a decade of meaningless basketball. Roy what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Mets pitcher John Jared Hughes attempted field a slow roller feeling and Geminis knee into the ground Korean a. Div it it cost grounds crew to come out and fix the fuel. That's your Mets to got that that is your Mets. You saw that play he's talking about right? It was a routine sort of slow roller. That he, uh he basically attacked the baseball with maximum clumsy. It was unbelievable. Anyone of us would have done that better without harming the fields the way that he did funnier yet they're three games behind the Moreland's Mike. What was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? The A's and as show I wanted that one they broke social distancing mandates from Major League baseball to participate in the benches clearing brawl in which no one actually threw a punch. I mean, if you could if you gotta break the mandates, get a shot at so funny. I mean, the whole thing is funny, because all to pay is totally confused. Canfield. His position is hitting 1 77 and making everyone wonder. Wait a minute. Where the Astros just totally a cheating contrivance like this guy was every people Lee and he's a garden gnome. He's like, four feet tall, and now he can't hit a baseball and he can't feel this position and they can't even fight right because they all they did was try and damage each other by coughing on each other. Right now, People are wondering. Was he ever good at all? Unbelievable. Pay that man his money. You can't make that up. Those two got breaking all the protocols to fight with the Astros. It's amazing that a team is good at a steam going to be a lot of people that way Gonna make a lot of people want to fight him. They've got to be the random ass champion. We get because Major league baseball shortened everything to 60 games. We're going to get one. We are likely to get a random champion. Yes, draftkings people. If you want to start betting on this stuff, you conduce. Oh, with draftkings. You could start making some money with sports. Tell him God. You up for this weekend's UFC, 2 52 Draftkings, the leader in one day, Fancy sports is offering new users. A free shot at $1 million in Total prize is just pick six fighters, the end of the cap and pile of points for advances, takedowns ATM or download.

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