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Degrees at edwardsville it's seventy in saint charles and sixty eight downtown at the arch i'm alex stegman kmlx news time eleven oh seven former united states senate your gym talent is one of the nation's leading authorities on defense policy get a scholar at the american enterprise institute he served from a searing in the us house for eight years and was that elected to the senate in two thousand to that was a special election to complete the term of jean carr to hand the wife of the late former governor of missouri mel cunningham who died tragically in a plane crash talent has lost a tough raise for governor and a real action bid to the senate but he continues as a force in american politics today on profiles former senator jim talent go from entertainers to avoid political reduced one but orr's profiles gives you an insight into what has made these unique personalities ruin what they are today now profiles on the voice of saint louis a more wins former senator jim tallied his my guess on cam likes profiles how are you i'm following this season this is your life but you're you're going to have fun old friends from high school coming in and they're distilling you know it is a little like that at the beginning because i always think it's is kind of fun to explore look i've known you for ten years with twenty is that you started coming age politically when i was in wisconsin always here in missouri were talking about this a little bit before the profile seau's here in missouri in the eighties and i knew a lot of the players and then in the mid nineties i left for milwaukee and the by the time i came back in two thousand six the pot six that changed quite a bit that's true to see you must in only since i was twenty eight twenty nine years old now that i'm pushing forty you want to do it retrospect that yes of course there that's off by twenty dollars big six oh coming on october do you really i really well happy birthday in let's let's go back to i don't like to go back to infancy but one thing i think is interesting about you because i was hoping to get some things off my chest about my baby food deny what somewhat your parents though because you're terrance like you're.

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