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Know if you got nine the mess your hair up right doesn't help Bob real can extend seventy newsradio six thirty to at KNX giving city is a more control over speed limits on streets especially those that have a history of crashes bad ones let's get more live right now from can extend seventies great Victor right now across California cities are required to do these regular speed surveys on local streets and they speed surveys they determine the average speed that people really drive on a given street and from that data cities determine what the actual posted speed limit should be and it has to be within a certain range of that average speed survey determination will Glendale assembly member lore Friedman as a bill that would allow cities to go with a lower posted speed on a street deems too dangerous for what the speed survey has found in its study is simply member says if the bill becomes law that it would save lives and speed surveys in California date back to the nineteen thirties and the theory behind them is that they'll keep speed limits on local streets in line with the evolving and real world driving conditions but they're people who who also believe that they allow people to kind of game the system and force we limits to be much higher than they should be for safety reasons back to you it's a six thirty three big died for those who were involved with the south Korean film parasite it clinched four Oscars overall making history as the first foreign language film to snag the night two biggest honor Best Picture speaking through an interpreter backstage Best Director winner bong joon ho said it still feels very surreal I feel like something will hit me and I will wake up from the stream crazy he also said he felt like people were already overcoming what he calls the one inch barrier of subtitles when asked if he felt like this win was a break through we'll put in and use the phone we don't look to their streaming services you to social media and the environment that we currently live in I think we are all connected so I think naturally we will come to a day when a foreign language film or not it doesn't really matter a foreign language film winning this won't be much of an issue later on hopefully parasite also won the Oscar for best original screenplay and best international Film backstage at the Academy Awards Margaret Carrero can extend seventy news radio the acting waters for Brad Pitt Renee Zellweger or Joaquin Phoenix and Laura Dern no surprises there and all of the winners so you can buy those on the website this one and this can extend seventy dot com show ran three and a half hours but Eric Davis with fandango tells can exceed thinks the show was a success you know Monet's opening was fantastic opening and it really had the crowd going this will still balancing that out with a little comedy Steve Martin Chris rock was the perfect way to open the show usually doesn't put the pressure on anybody and it was almost like Steve Martin Chris rock with.

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