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Here's Dave Johnson. All right, what is our takeaway from this weekend U.S. open, the champion? Hey, did you have Matt Fitzpatrick? Yeah, he burst out of the seam. 6 under, he wins the tournament, by the way, it's the same course in which he won the USA, but you're only Jack Nicklaus is what a U.S. opening U.S. amateur at the same course, but also you think about who was right behind Fitzpatrick, will zele Taurus at 25. Scottie scheffler, 25, getting Fitzpatrick 27, so for mad ward senior editor of gulf today. The statement was made very clearly that the younger size talent that's out there right now happens to be affiliated with the PGA Tour. And I think it's a good thing to know that the U.S. open was the benchmark for determining that because it happens to be the second oldest of the major championships. Of course, the oldest the open, which we played next month at the old course at saint Andrews. 7 different players with a hit and one strong start that by Jackson takes full, the nationals and 9 three win over the Phillies are off today play the Orioles tomorrow. The Orioles beat the blue rays rather two to one. Mystics with that 71 63 win over Connecticut Elena delle donne scored all 15 of her points in the first half and then kind of got her teammates involved in the second. Hey, listen, over time in hockey, we always think of as the most exciting, you know, the three on three format. Well, there's a new league called three ice and that's all they do. 6 teams and three ice will be touring this summer. They have a stop in Hershey coming up in July, and each team is named after a coach, 5 of whom are all a famous geek carbonyl grand Führer, Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy, and Brian trachea. Dave Jetson at every TLP sports. The top stories we're following for you on WTO in the district for people including a 15 year old two adults and a police officer were shot at 14th and U streets in northwest yesterday that teenager died. The shooting took place near a Juneteenth celebration that was not approved by D.C. officials. Kids as young as 6 months can receive a COVID vaccine shot beginning this week after the CDC approved the shots for young kids over the weekend. The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine for the young kids is a three dose series with the first two doses administered three weeks apart, and a third dose at least two months after the second dose. The Moderna vaccine is a two dose series administered four weeks apart. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. One of the nation's most popular summertime outdoor destinations is looking to get back into business. Welcoming visitors. Yellowstone National Park will partially reopen this week. Catastrophic flooding last week destroyed parts of the park's northern loop of roads and bridges

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