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We'll take your questions jeff upper. Thanks for calling jeff. Thank you very much for taking my call sure. My question is For nursing mothers. Who had already had the baby before they got vaccinated. Are they passing along the immunity as well they. They are gaining after being and with those kids that need to be vaccinated later as well. I'm jeff i'm so happy you ask your question. I wanted the things that is really Bid on my mind is a family medicine. Doctors the fact that first of all we haven't included a lot of pregnant or nursing. Mothers in clinical trials means that were catching up on this data. the good news is we now have enough women who stepped forward both who are pregnant and nursing who've shown that it's incredibly safe to get the vaccine and not only. Is it safe for the pregnant woman but in fact this vaccine works very much like other vaccines were passes on sort of passive antibodies to the baby. While they're there you know in utero and then the initial breath the comes out which we call the classroom which is full of all kinds of very good. Antibodies For babies also has antibodies for the covid vaccine but a dozen pass on. You know enough. Antibodies to keep know the child protected for a long time. So when those vaccines come out and they're proven to be safe and they're you know under emergency use authorization that we will also be asking for children to be getting those axioms even if they were breastfed Or had mother who got the vaccine when she was pregnant. Jeff thank you for your call. We appreciate it. here's a email from carey. Who is it possible or worthwhile to test a two year old who has a fever and is displaying low energy for covert kerry. Thank you so much for your call. I don't know if that's a personal call or just a medical call But i i would say yes. It's both possible and it's worthwhile For us to cast anybody who has any sort of symptoms on of being ill any sort of respiratory illness especially for two year old who we know won't have been vaccinated this point. We see all kinds of display of different symptoms Especially for children and despite the fact that there's lots and lots of data that children don't get as sick they do get second. There are lots of you know. I'm a good case studies showing long-haul covert is what we call it with long-term effects of Having had covid a as a child and and in and many other kind of inflammatory. So yes please go get your two year old tested. You know in a related email. John wrote and says so. When will vaccines wonder vaccines expected for kids under twelve and he also as could the doctor gives us an update on others and win where we are in that research. Absolutely thank you john So you know we are certainly Pfizer madonna A her you know as well as other Vaccine companies have been working very hard on putting together clinical trials for twelve and under You know we have been talking about late summer early fall. I will say that there has been some recent concern. I'm sure many of the listeners have heard about this where This idea of myocarditis Where covert seen In in some young men An older man Which is basically an inflammation of this or sac around the heart. Which causes some chest pains shortness of breath. Completely reversible with high-dose anti-inflammatories in predators zone And also incredibly rare so At this point we're still seeing only a handful of cases The myocarditis and and the american heart association actually just came out..

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