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At seven eleven tweets I thought Jerry rice was going to go all Alonzo mourning on that with the rice a Roni. big difference big difference all right so for those of you who don't understand the Alonzo mourning reference way back in the day we had interview booked with Alonzo mourning if you listen sports talk radio you know a lot of these interviews are conditionally based right they come with a condition they come with a patch Jerry rice case in point and it's common unspoken thing it's understood amongst the host and the guest there when there's a conditional patch in this case rice a Roni. date I will introduce Jerry rice and I'll mention the patch and then at some point during the interview I will get to the pitch I think a lot of the gas and some of them are really into it and some of them really aren't that into it is what their paycheck they keep moving Jerry rice is a pro and I would imagine the way some these guys react when they come out of the top of the interview and they mention the pitch it's because they're told to do so or they're afraid that the guest or I should say the host is not gonna mention it you know anything about me in the show I always get to the pitch I'm good like that. memo to every athlete who has anything to patch. you will get your pitch in and I would do a better job of setting you up for that pitch than anybody ever will and he was a secret if you do a really good engaged interview I might even ask you a second question about your rice or your soul or your avocado whatever it is you have. I'm good like that we can help each other here. so going back Alonzo mourning Alonzo mourning way back in the day was booked to come on the show. and yet he had not been on the show for a long time and I knew that he was not a big fan of mine but again they're people that I've had an issue with that we fix I come about fixing things not breaking things not thought to myself this can be a good opportunity he's got a really good cause kidney disease. he's got a fascinating career Alonzo mourning I'm gonna fix this let's book it so I research the hell out of that I put my **** off I'm fired up really eager to do it in any comes on and I introduced and I try to talk basketball with him in in in a really hostile way says on all on a we're not doing that I'm here to talk about kidney disease. and you know that was I was a bit younger back then L. more impulsive and I started kind of rise up on Mike now you know what it is good because I'm ski do the interview and we'll let that go he had no interest in playing the game he is wanted talk kidney disease so we did and that was that and we never spoken since. Jerry rice was not gonna do that he didn't hijacked the interview he's got to put it out there not give an example of a guy who did hijacked the interview once and all the many thing by it but Barry Sanders did this to me Superbowl Detroit berry in studio TV show pitching in promoting one of the credit card companies now my man RIP get right from the for you right from the jump and went right into his whole patch and it was a long and it was rambling and it was disconcerting so. my message and Jerry rice did not do that he did the whole interview so by the end of the interview I was eager to talk to him about rice and even when you change my name to rice or pasta or rice a Roni as some of you have said. so memo to flax memo to Publicis memo to athletes memo to retired athletes if you end up on the wrong show with a conditional pitch I get it I will take care of you if you take care of the interview and even if you don't I'll probably give you the quest it will give you the question I always do I'm good like that but no that was not an Alonzo mourning situation in order I think it would. rice not history now we go way back like this guy dear Jim did you stock up on lotion in preparation for the Jerry rice interview John west LA war rich learning to blank S. O. S. in Morse code in case he is taken as a P. O. W.. you know the famous lotion story one day when I was hosting Jim Rome is burning on ESPN. Jerry rice was in studio any out sandals. now before the interview securely hold off for a minute I need you something any lotion these feet. but the guy I mean he's Jerry rice you put twenty years the NFL he's arguably the greatest football player ever. he knows what the hell he's doing if he's lotion thing is feet there's a good reason for it. I wish I could remember the guy who told it to me kind of give anything remember this when I first started in TV. I was twenty nine or thirty. young. and I remember an athlete saying to me. I mean before one on the on air he said you moisturize right I said I'm sorry. he said Rome you moisturize right. I said what you're talking about is like what what am I talking about what are you talking about dude do you moisturize said normal normal moisturize what a moisturizer this guy was incredulous I wanted I was so anybody out because I can't remember who it was and I remember I've got it down like three or four guys who could have been now my speculate but it blew me away do I moisturize no brawl I don't. I do now though and I wish I wish I wish I'd started when he said so. they're always the guys way back in the day this is way back in the day now understand there was no there was no internet there was nothing digital there was no social media every once in a while at that this guy was one of the same guys they would get make up for the show ended where it out they would take it off and they go clubbing a guarantee due to moisturize did not take his make up off and went to the club. he Jim wow heard you got rice today I'm in my car. your is Beijing beaks in Saudi sauce city. Brett from bug a hot war writ sending a package skittles to ever makes each shows first beaks reference. great ain't giving up his schedule stash. or he snickers stash. at his cold dead of old hands. you have to give rid.

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