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How happy were you or were you. Happy getting out of buffalo and heading to like pittsburgh tampa bay. The rangers. i mean is not the most exciting city to play. I can't say the most enticing place to visit as well but here's table buffalo. They're they're great fans. They love sports. And i was very privileged It could be favor for the years that i was. I was very very course now was time for me to move on. Yeah i i think mutually You know if. I talked to this heinous people in the path We we we just reached a point where it was time to move on so You know i'm very lucky to have played there and For that fan base there. They're awesome awesome fans but For me to go on and play in pittsburgh after places new york rangers. I mean just off. Clean amnesty For three years my my senate race was mark messier foul Get any better than that. You know it doesn't get any better than mark messier that you're gonna get a roommate and eric lindros and i had marking a centerman. I pretty well. That's not bad at all But let me ask you one more question. Then we'll get to what you what you got going on right now. In terms of investment. Let's say of the team into their facilities. The team into strength training The way they took care of you. Did you see a big difference. Let's say between buffalo pittsburgh. Obviously the rangers have their their own training facility up in west chester What kind of differences did you see between the team. She played for. Yeah i think buffalo it in the back end of it was was awesome. I i think pittsburgh was probably a little step behind and then new york was on a different level. And you know just years. I started in buffalo in nineteen ninety three nine hundred ninety four and then i went to new york. It was two thousand one. So we're we're talking about a decade later right so obviously evolution is going to catch up and we're going to have Science behind us to to learn from that so You know new york would be out of the three Certainly the bathroom every year. I think everyone involved and everyone got a little bit better the newark was signing the money. That's with the dole and family and that all Pity who we had a lot behind us. We were doing okay. i had. I had the honor and privilege of playing up there. a couple of years ago I don. I got this. Invite somehow through the rangers and they split us up into blue and white team and we played with Some of the ranger lijun. So what am i highlight right now is actually scored a goal on an assist from ron crush..

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